Primary Issues In A Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a challenging time. It is a difficult time for both the families, spouses, and children. On top of that, handling legal issues such as alimony, child support, child custody, etc., can be a burden on your shoulder. Hiring a Divorce Investigations Baltimore can help you manage the legal procedures and make sure you avoid any mistakes that can prove to cause a delay or rejection in your case. 

Main Issues In A Divorce

Child Custody

If you and your spouse have a child, it can raise the issue of child custody during divorce. Often in a divorce, the parents cannot arrive at a single solution as to which parent should have control of their child/children. In such cases, the judge sees both sides and evaluates the best interests of the child. The judge makes sure that both the parents remain involved in the child’s life. 

There are different kinds of child custody. Joint custody allows both parents to spend equal time with their children. However, if one of the parents is abusive, the judge awards physical custody to one parent. 

Child Support 

One parent is required to pay for child support regardless of the custody arrangement. Most courts grant a support request in favor of the custodial spouse. The amount of child support is determined by several factors. Each parent’s net income and the amount of time they spend with their child is considered in calculating child support. 

Child support is used to maintain the child’s quality of life after the divorce to ensure that the child does not suffer consequences due to their parents’ separation. 

Division Of Property 

When you go through a divorce, all properties you and your spouse own jointly will be divided. The court uses the facts of your case to divide the marital property. But, the court will make sure the properties are fairly divided between the two of you. However, fair may not always mean equal. 

You and your spouse will have the opportunity to decide how to divide your property. However, if you both disagree with each other’s decision, that’s where the court steps in. The judge considers the factors of each spouse while deciding how many assets they should receive. 


Alimony is either a one-time or monthly payment from one spouse to the other. Who pays the alimony and how much is determined on the basis of the length of the marriage, their financial status, and sacrifices made in the union. For example, if one person had given up their career to raise their child, the other person is obliged to pay them alimony until they are financially stable with a job or remarried. 

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