Protect Yourself from the Harmful Sun Rays with Wide Brim Hats

Brim hats are an ideal way to provide excellent sun protection for your face, neck, and scalp. They not only guard against harmful UV rays but also shield you from heavy rain and high winds. Originally the wide brim hats were worn to protect sailors from the hot tropical sun. Nowadays, they are a must-have accessory for anyone who spends a considerable amount of time outdoors. 

Not just because they look good, but also because they will save you from skin cancer and premature aging.

Although you will rarely wear brimmed hats during winter, the sun rays still have a damaging effect on your skin. Therefore, brimmed hats are essential for people and those who work outside. After all, these hats can be bought at a meager price, don’t even have to be worried about looking ridiculous, and are entirely non-invasive. In addition, they are very comfortable while ensuring excellent protection from those harmful UV rays.

Protection from Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are one of the most common diseases these days. According to statistics, about one million people develop skin cancer every year in the United States alone. Unfortunately, in more than 3 out of 4 cases, people never even realize they have skin cancer until it’s too late. The good news is that you can significantly lower your risk by wearing a hat that provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays. With a right-sized brim hat, you can cut down your UV exposure by as much as 85%. 

Useful in Heavy Rain and High Winds

Another great benefit of wearing a mens brim hat is it will protect you from heavy rain and high winds. Water that splashes against the brim of the Hat will be gently rinsed off. So, in the event of rain, your Hat will prevent your body from feeling wet on those cold winter days. However, make sure to remove the Hat in heavy rain because the water that accumulates on the brim can cause it to become heavy, resulting in a dreaded “hat hair.”

Savior in Hot Summers

While wearing a wide brim hat, you can significantly lower your chance of getting sunburned on hot summer days as well. Many people underestimate how dangerous hot summer days can be, but more people become sick due to sunburns than any other form of cancer. Make sure to choose a hat that is a perfect fit for your head because wearing a loose one can give you trouble adjusting it all day. Along with protecting you from hot summers, a perfect fit head also looks cool and fashionable. 

Protecting your Hair

One of the most appealing reasons for wearing wide brim hats is their protection for your hair. If you are not aware, humans have some of the heaviest head hair in the world. As you can imagine, with no hair covering your head, any UV rays that hit that part of your body will penetrate it and imitate DNA damage, leading to various diseases. Not just that, but a properly sized brim hat will also protect your scalp from excessive heat, which can result to dry scalp and eventually dandruff.

How does the design of Hat affect protection?

As you have learned, it’s not always the material but also the length of the brim that affects your protection. Different angles will also affect how much protection you get. For example, if it has a deep crown, it will provide less protection, while a shallow crown provides more protection.

For example, a front brim tilted forward will provide more UV protection, while a tilted back will give less. Here are crucial tips that can help you choose the right Hat for complete protection.

  • Look for a hat that has decent depth. As mentioned above, the longer the brim is, the more protection you get.
  • You should choose hats with a forward front angle instead of a backward, front angle.
  • A hat that has a large brim will also provide more protection than one with a small brim. A wider brim will give you better protection against winds and rains.
  • A lighter color hat will provide better UV protection than darker-colored hats. Moreover, a lighter color will stay cool during the hot summer days.
  • Make sure to choose hats that are water-resistant and windproof. And lastly, it is always recommended to go for the right size of hats as they will fit more perfectly and provide complete protection. 

Wide brim hats provide excellent protection from harmful UV rays. With these hats, you can also significantly reduce your chances of getting skin cancer and premature aging. It’s essential to protect your head against excessive heat, too, because it can lead to severe damage to your hair, skin, and scalp. 

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