The costs associated with hunting stag and elk in New Zealand

Red stags and elk hunts are gaining popularity, and you should not miss it out. But, before you proceed, you must check out the New Zealand stag hunt cost. Numerous factors affect the overall price before you commence a red stag hunt. So, in this article, you can go through the overall cost associated with hunting stag and elk in the island country.

What affects the overall cost of hunting a stag in New Zealand?

When you step out to hunt a red stag in the island country, the cost varies depending on many factors. The price will be dependent on whether you’re hunting across a private or a public ranch. The cost will increase if you want an outfitter or a guide to accompany you. Besides, you will have to bear the accommodation cost if you come to New Zealand from another country. You will also observe a difference in the price if you’re trying to target a giant stag.

How much does a person have to pay for hunting stag or elk?

When you seek information regarding the hunting packages, you will come across red stag hunts with the price of around $5000 for every hunter. The package will cover a professional outfitter and a guide. It also includes hunting across five days and accommodation for four nights. Once the day ends, you will enjoy a delicious dinner and many drinks. Moreover, as you start hunting, you will be roaming across a private ranch. As the day rolls by, you don’t have to bother about anything as the safaris have exclusive rights. However, you can research online if you’re seeking a combination package.

Tipping the guide is yet another cost apart from the cost of the elk hunt in New Zealand. Some outfitters request a tip depending on the total cost of the hunt. On the other hand, many hunters tip the guide around 10% of the hunting value. For instance, if the full price of the hunt is $5000, then the tip will be equal to $500. However, please do not tip the guide based on whether you have harvested a red stag or an elk. You should give the amount based on the performance of the guide. Hence, when you head for the adventurous hunt, you should figure out the cost with the tip in mind.

What do the red stag or elk hunting packages exclude?

You must understand what the package covers before opting for a hunting package. The entire package excludes the trophy fees and the side trips if necessary. Additionally, the package doesn’t include trophy expediting services. You also have to get a firearms license and bear the taxidermy costs all by yourself.

Further, you have to spend on airline tickets if you’re traveling from a different country. In addition to the firearms license, you also have to bear the import permit cost, which is around NZ $25. But, to confirm the booking, you have to pay 25% – 50% as a non-refundable deposit. Subsequently, the balance amount will be due after hunt completion. If the trophy animals get lost, the team will take reasonable measures to retrieve the stag. The hunter will be accountable for the full trophy fee in such a scenario.

If you opt for a discounted red stag hunt, it will include a hunt only for a day. If the hunters come across an opportunity, they can shoot other animals. Besides the typical hunt, the package covers field preparation for the meat. You can also enjoy wine or beer and snacks soon after the hunt. You can also think about hunting right till it starts becoming dark.

Finally, if you can’t afford to move ahead with a hunting package, you can go for 1 or 2 days for New Zealand elk hunts. While you will enjoy the experience, you can look for a stag or an elk in a short period. Such hunts cost around $300-500 per day, including ammunition, a guide, transport to the ranch, and a packed lunch. You can also hunt the species for a trophy fee payable only after a successful harvest.

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