Can We Appeal Against The IRS Audit Result?

We start to get panic when we hear about IRS audits. IRS is the federal body responsible for collecting taxes countrywide and looking for mismanagement of taxes. Understanding all the tax laws and handling IRS audits can be a nightmare for an ordinary person. In this post, we will discuss how can we appeal against the IRS audit results if we are not happy about them.

According to experienced tax professionals (including IRS tax attorney), anyone who faces an IRS audit should get professional support from the start. Only an experienced tax expert can guide him in handling these situations. Now we will see how to proceed through the IRS audits and further. 

IRS Office Of Appeals

IRS knows some taxpayers may not agree with IRS audit procedures. That’s why they have created a separate department for appealing against IRS audit results. Any taxpayer who is not satisfied with the IRS proceedings can appeal. 

IRS office of appeals is bound to provide you with the necessary information about your right to appeal. They will listen to your problems and suggest plans suitable for you.

How To Appeal?

As you are quite sure about appealing against the IRS audit result, you can further file an appeal against them. Remember, you will get a thirty-day period to appeal. If you miss the deadline, it will create unnecessary complications. If you find it tough to understand all these procedures, you can hire a tax expert (like a tax lawyer in San Jose).

Below are some of the information you must provide to the IRS if you file for an appeal.

  1. Your real name, address and contact number.
  2. Your statement of appeal against the IRS from the office of appeals.
  3. List of items on which you disagree with them.
  4. Facts that support your logic.
  5. Any tax professional that will represent you in front of the hearings. 
  6. Your signature. 


Get The Response

Mostly, you will get a response within 90 days of your appeal. However, there could be a delay. If you don’t receive any response from them, wait for 120 days; beyond that, you can send a request asking for status. 

Present Your Case

Don’t get worried thinking about the case and proceedings. These case hearings are informal. First, try to create a rough outline and then proceed with the help of your tax assistant. Mention all the documents related to your tax returns and other essential matters.

Be careful what you are providing. Each document you submit can make or break your case. Take enough time to research and plan accordingly. Try to take notes on what the federal officers are saying. As the hearing is informal, you can record the whole recording if you want. 


After appealing against the IRS audit results, it is time for negotiations. The primary motive of any negotiations should be wavering the extra fees payable as penalties. The IRS can make you that offer if all documents are in place. 

If you can’t have a penalty wave, you should pay an amount to gain their trust. It will increase your credibility, and they will be open to discussing this further. Your tax expert will play a major part in these negotiations. Stick to him in hearing. 

We have tried to capture all the factors regarded to appeal against the IRS audit result. To know more, you should consult an experienced person in this field.  

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