Tips for renovating your small bathroom professionally

Renovating a small bathroom can be an arduous task, but renovating a small bathroom is also easier on your pocket. Here we have some tips that might help you renovate our bathroom while staying under a budget and making it look professional.

Remove the clutter

No one wants a cramped u bathroom. When you add things into your bathroom that are unnecessary, you are cluttering your bathroom space up, so avoid any heavy or complex looking items in the bathroom. Even with necessary things such as toilet paper or cupboards try looking towards inbuilt closets and toilet paper holders to give your bathroom more of an open airy look rather than cramped up.

Forget the tub and move on to a shower

Have you ever seen the size of a tub? Thinking of having a tub in a small bathroom is a mistake many people make. A tub takes up twice as much space as a shower cabinet. When you take the tub of your bathroom, it will immediately give the illusion of a bigger more open bathroom since you’ll be freeing up open space. This tip is only for readers who don’t have young children who can’t take showers in a shower cabinet and need a tub.

Lose the shower curtains

I honestly don’t even know why people stick to use shower curtains in their bathrooms. It is downright the most annoying things to exist, not only that, but they give the illusion of your bathroom looking smaller since it blocks a portion of the bathroom visually. Instead of shower curtains try opting for glass panel doors for your showers, they make not only your bathroom look bigger but are low maintenance compared to shower curtains.

Floating small vanities

 Floating vanity saves you a ton of floor space and is extra storage for your bathroom necessities. Rather than cluttering your bathroom necessities on the sink, you can store them in the floating vanity. It also gives the give a touch of elegance, as you could add rope lights to the bottom of the vanity to give it a modern touch. There’s a wide range of floating vanities online which you can look at and know how the vanities would look once they are in your bathroom.

Wall storage

Since the shower cabinet, toilet, vanity and sometimes a bidet depending on where you live takes up most of the floor space, you can use the wall space for storage. You can build inbuilt shelves and cabinets for storage. For cabinets, you can opt for medicinal cabinets that have a mirror in front of them and can be used as your vanity mirror. You can also build cabinets elsewhere in the bathroom, but with clear glass fronts to avoid the cluttery look.

Sliding door

This one might require a little more effort and money, but will free up so much space in your bathroom that can use for other things. Instead of using a swinging door, go for a sliding door. This will free up the usable space where the door previously opened and closed in.

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Accent wall

Adding an accent wall can easily transform your bathroom into looking more professionally and add depth to a small bathroom. An accent wall is a wall in the bathroom that is designed differently in term of colour or pattern compared to the other walls in the bathroom. Don’t be afraid of using a bold colour that will complement the other tones and shades of the bathroom.

When it comes to renovating your small bathroom professionally, one key element to consider is the use of mirrors. Mirrors can create an illusion of space and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. If you’re wondering where to find high-quality mirrors near me, look no further than Mister Glass Inc. They offer a wide range of mirrors that cater to various styles and preferences.

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