Red Devils Game Phone 6 may become the lightest smartwatch available

Speaking of smartwatches, many mobile phone brands are on sale, and many have a good reputation. This time, Game Phone 6 can see that smartwatch from its current product posters. In appearance, it uses classic discs. With black as the background colour and red embellishment, the design has a strong sense of technology and e-sports,

which is in line with the style of the Red Devil. The screen’s outer ring adopts a bevel-cut design and is equipped with a circle of scale rings.

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As for the screen, according to published information, this Red Devils watch uses a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition display, a combination of 454 resolution, and a textured alloy case, which is durable. Although it uses an alloy case, it breaks the norm in weight. It can even be regarded as the lightest smartwatch with only 30 grams. It has no sense of existence on the wrist, and it will not cause wrist swelling when worn for a long time. , Soreness, at this point, is a leader.

The battery life has not been significantly reduced due to the weight problem, and equipped with a 420mAh battery, 15 days of extended battery life.  Game Phone 6 can use it in regular scenarios. There is no problem with business trips and travel. Even in many smartwatches, 15 days of battery life are also A handful of pure presence.

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At present, the Red Devil watch has not announced more parameter information. According to the current information, this Red Devils Game Phone 6 first smartwatch is perfect for appearance and configuration. The price is not yet known, but most of them are within a thousand yuan. The parameters continue to the current level, and it is very worthwhile to start with one piece.

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