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Investing is a promising line of business, but it is very important to choose a decent and experienced broker to be sure of funds safety. Its trading conditions should be optimal, and protection of funds and personal data, on the highest level. Of course, it is worth paying attention to the extent to which it uses the capabilities of modern technology. For all the mentioned parameters it is worth to consider Exante broker, which gets really many positive responses from clients.

It is not difficult to register on the broker’s website and start working with it. It requires filling in contacts, attaching a photo or copies of two identifying documents, confirming the place of residence (for example, adding utility bills). If you want to know more information, you may study trading conditions with a demo account. To open a real one one should make a deposit of 10000 Euro.

Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev and Gatis Eglitis are the founders of the EXANTE platform. The platform for traders work is developed specially for this broker. It means that all needs and specifics of professional traders’ work are taken into account. The feedback on this technological solution is only positive. In them clients note stability of work, fast execution of orders, convenient and clear interface. By the way, it can be adapted to your own needs. The platform is available on most modern devices, including mobile ones. It provides access to full functionality, namely stop orders, limit orders, scalping, hedging, algorithmic trading, one-click trading.

Reviews of Exante, of which there are many on the network have a generally positive direction, especially the large number of instruments is noted: stocks, futures, options, funds in total more than 150 thousand opportunities for earning. It is with Exante that one manages to legally invest digital currencies through a cryptocurrency hedge fund. More than 50 markets are available to investors, and all instruments are operated from a single account. This makes trading much easier. More detailed information about the instruments can be found on the company’s website.

I would like to tell separately about the legal status, Exante broker has licenses of regulators from Hong Kong, Great Britain, Cyprus. That is, it falls under the Directive of the European Union on the market of financial instruments.

So, it is already clear that Exante is a high-tech broker, which has a lot of positive reviews and is ready to offer unique conditions. Open an account with Exante right now and you can see it for yourself.

Can Exante broker be considered the best for professionals? Let’s find out based on detailed information and reviews of the company.

The number of reviews, which can be found in the network about Exante broker is really surprising. The most interesting is the tremendous amount of positive feedbacks, and it is seen that they are from real professionals. There are some exceptions, but the negative reviews look ridiculous as they are created like copies, most probably by the competitors. Well, it is worth to find out in details what broker Exante is.

If you look at the broker’s website and examine its trading conditions, the main focus is on large clients. Such as professional traders, institutional investors and others. To open a real account, a deposit of 10,000 euros is required. But one need not worry about its safety because one can take out insurance with the payout amount up to 20,000 euros.

The licensing of activities by professional regulators deserves special attention. The broker definitely spends a lot of time to get a license from reliable regulators. Exante is currently authorized by the British regulator FCA, has a license from the EU.

Of course, it is interesting what such a broker can offer to a professional investor who is ready to make a deposit of 10000 Euro. There are a lot of possibilities – about 150 thousands of instruments and more than 50 world markets, and all this from a single account. The platform on which all the work is done is created individually for Exante. It means that all the aspects of trader’s activity are taken into account. The clients get the ease of studying, comfort, speed and stability. The platform is created for professionals by the hands of the real specialists. Technical support is available 24/7 and works very fast. If even that does not change your mind to start working with Exante right now, you can look for the reviews and read them yourself.

The initial deposit is not small, but there is an opportunity not to deposit it right away. Learning of trading conditions, testing of platform and a lot of tools are available in demo account. Everyone can open a demo account at any time and use it at their own discretion.

In this article we investigated the broker Exante in details and also found out the secret of its reputation on the market. Now we can confidently say that at least try your hand by opening a demo account. This unique platform is definitely worth attention. Register right now!

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