How To Create a Project Management Chart In EdrawMax


When workflow becomes a part of a business, the results are higher productivity and efficiency. The only requirement to infuse this workflow into your business is to find a roadmap. And how can you discover that? It’s only possible through a project management chart!

So, let’s discuss in this article more about creating project management charts to step up your business workflow. Here, you will learn about a chart-making tool called EdrawMax and how to create amazing 2D and 3D management project charts using it. 

The 7-Step Tutorial

The vast range of project management tools in Edrawmax makes it the top choice of creators and businesses around the globe. You can use these tools to make effective charts on the application quickly. 

For instance, the pre-layout AI technology on EdrawMax is amazing. It can create chart layouts that you can edit instantly. In other words, there is no need to start from scratch, you can jump directly to editing a chart. 

Such features give EdrawMax an edge over other editing software. It’s because project management charts are challenging to design and require complex tools to generate. But, EdrawMax simplifies creating complex charts. The process is neither too complex nor a piece of cake, but far simple than other competitors. 

The tool is designed for beginners and experts alike, so you can use it to make charts even if you have no prior experience. Moreover, creating project charts on EdrawMax is faster than using paper. It saves time and increases productivity and efficiency. 

Now, let’s quickly see how you create a project management chart in EdrawMax with the following 7-step tutorial.  

  • Determine The Scope

There are so many types of charts, each having different characteristics. But regardless of which chart type you want to make, the first step is to know its purpose. 

Why do you want to create a chart? What will it represent? Which problem will it resolve? Understanding the primary purpose behind a project chart will help you define its steps to reach a solution. 

Another thing that you can consider is the chart scope in a particular industry. Along with that, look into the target audience too. When you know the audience accessing your chart, you can create a better chart designed to solve their problems. 

  • Gather Activities

A project management chart defines a process to solve a problem. It will address all the aspects of that problem and cover everything related to that. So, the process to reach the solution will include various steps that will act as a scheduled roadmap. 

However, that is not the point here. The “process” to reach the answer is not compulsory. Instead, the chronological order to ensure you are following the right path is more crucial. So, the chart will have a process that will include various steps, all in order. 

  • Access The Program

When the purpose behind creating a chart and what it will represent are clear, it is time to create it. You will need to download and install the EdrawMax application to access its tools. You can download it for free for Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Visit the official website to download a compatible version. Once done, install the application and create an account. Every step is extremely easy, and the program will guide you through every process. After that, the tool is ready to create project management charts. 

  • Select Your Project Management Chart Layout

Once you get inside EdrawMax, you will see how easy everything is. The application has all the important tools to help you quickly create and edit your project chart. 

But before you do that, you need to open a new canvas. You will see many options on your screen. Don’t be overwhelmed, as all you need to do is select New from the left column. Clicking it will open another column with various categories. Select Project Management Chart; the tool will show you various management charts. You can find Checklists, Status tables, Status Calendars, Project Timelines, etc. Double-click on any template that you want to create.

  • Customize The Chart

EdrawMax has these basic layouts that you can edit to create a project schedule chart instantly. When you double-click any template, it will appear in the canvas with all the editing tools. 

Here, you can take advantage of several features to customize your chart. For instance, you can add, remove, or replace elements in your chart. You can also create new shapes by joining two or more symbols from the library. Further, EdrawMax includes a long list of color schemes that you can use to personalize your chart’s overall appearance. 

  • Select Your Format

After editing your chart, it is time to save it. But, here EdrawMax surprises you again with a unique feature. It allows you to save your file in 14 unique formats. Do you want to save it as an image? Or a PDF, perhaps? You can also export your file in HTML, SVG, and EPS format. So, choose one as per your needs.

  • Export Or Publish The Chart

To export your chart into the required format, click File at the top left corner. Here, you will find Save As. Clicking it will open an export dialogue box. Browse through your system to choose where you want to save your file. Then, select Save to export the chart. 

Besides saving it on your PC, you can publish your chart on the EdrawMax online community. For that, click Publish at the top right corner to post the chart under your name as an editable template. 

Why is EdrawMax Ideal For Project Management Charts?

There is a reason why EdrawMax is the creator’s top chart and graph maker. You will find several alternatives on the web, but only EdrawMax has advanced features to create or edit charts. 

Here are some of EdrawMax best features to help create project management charts:

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • More than 26000 symbols in the Symbol Library
  • The floating menu with quick controls to easily customize an object on the canvas
  • Options to create custom symbols and save them in a personal library
  • More than 14000 templates available in the online community 
  • Support for more than 14 file-saving formats

In a nutshell, the tool has all the features to create charts in just a few clicks. You can use the built-in layouts or edit a chart on the online community to quickly create a chart. 


It is true that creating a project management chart is challenging, but not when you have access to the right tools. With EdrawMax, you can create amazing charts with just a few clicks. 

It is one of the best tools for creating or editing project management charts. Its long list of built-in layouts and an online community is a huge plus point for people who are in a hurry. In simple words, you can create a chart from scratch or edit one of the ready-made charts to help you with your deadlines.

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