Restoring Your Skin’s Circadian Rhythm with LED Light Therapy

Who isn’t anxious about their welfare of the skin? Almost all the people around the world have their unique complaints about their skin, and the complaints are really endless. Last year, we saw many people, including celebrities, who we thought to have flawless skin, opening up about their skin complications. Many of them shared their skincare routine with us, and at a certain point, we could relate to them. We have also seen many of them using light therapy as their routine to keep it away from various skin conditions and aging signs. In this era, we are promoting body positivity and self-care. So, we cannot but discuss light therapy for the benefit of our skin.

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From helping with mental and physical health conditions, LED light therapy has certain benefits to help you cope up with a gloomy morning and in improving your skin complications. Here, we are going to discuss some benefits of light therapy, how it works, and what you should know before you grab it for gaining the best benefit for your skin.

White Light therapy

In white light therapy, the light is composed of all the wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, arranged in the rainbow order. All of those wavelengths blend together to provide us with a sense of white light. As sunlight also consists of all those individual colors of light, it is considered as white light, although it actually is a combination of several colors.

How White Light Works

The primary job of white light is to maintain the circadian rhythm of a person’s body. The circadian rhythm regulates the wake-sleep cycle and important hormones of the body. When our body is exposed to bright light, our brain is tricked into thinking that it is morning and preparing to perform for the day. With a little bit of bright light, our brain stops producing melatonin and starts producing serotonin to make you feel wide awake. However, not every morning is bright and shiny, and in a gloomy morning, our body might not get the boosted serotonin to elevate our mood. That’s where white LED light therapy comes in. There have been numerous studies, and almost all of them concluded that blue-enriched white light therapy could be your savior when you need some extra alertness in the morning. People with Seasonal Affective Disorder have particularly received immense benefits with the help of white light therapy. There are numerous user-friendly light therapy devices available in the market, and a 15 – 30 minutes session after waking up can bring certain advantages that will last your whole day.

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It is possible to multitask while you are receiving light therapy. The devices can be portable, and some can be as big as your iPhone. All you need to do is turn on your device, sit in front of it, and do your thing. You can either check your emails or have breakfast, or keep the device near while doing your hair. After all, the device comes to aid you with your task, not the other way around.

Red Light Therapy

While white light is improving your body and mind internally, red light works more visually. It is used to treat your skin, boost the production of collagen, reduce skin conditions like acne and rosacea, and heal the skin. At the early age of a person’s life, the body naturally produces collagen. And collagen is important for your skin to keep it soft, smooth, and firm. So, when the body naturally stops producing this protein, the skin loses its elasticity, develops wrinkles, and becomes more vulnerable to damage.

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Red light therapy is one of the procedures that is considered collagen treatment. With the help of red light therapy, the skin tone & complexion of a person improves, aging signs reduce, and injuries heal quickly. And you gain all those benefits without any surgery, without any pain, and from the comfort of your home. This therapy doesn’t break or invade your skin; rather, it shines a warm, bright light on your skin to start healing immediately. As a result, the skin cells get re energized and start producing collagen and elastin protein in your skin.

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Before buying your red light therapy device, make sure you have done your homework. There are a lot of devices out there, but what you are looking for is both safe and effective. Getting a device that has been used in a clinical trial and published in a peer-reviewed journal can give you the exact benefits. Rather than randomly buy a product and see what happens, get a better device and be sure to grab the benefits for years to come.

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From the discussion above, we can safely say that both red light and white light therapy have their own set of benefits. However, the therapies should not be put into doing the heavy lifting alone. Make a well-charted wellness program and include your therapy in it. When you are having a healthy lifestyle combined with a healthy diet and exercise, only then you’ll get the optimum benefit from the therapy and can live your best life possible.

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