Sage X3 ERP Software

Sage X3 is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for established businesses. It is available in many Sage territories. Its features range from Purchasing and Project tracking to Shop floor control and integration with industry-specific software. If you have a business, you should consider Sage X3 for its features and benefits. It is the first enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to integrate with a variety of industry-specific software solutions.


Purchasing Sage X3 is a complete business management solution that covers the entire purchasing process from beginning to end. This includes acquiring products and services, handling requests for quotes, integrating the price list base, managing orders, and monitoring the progress of deliveries. Additionally, this product also helps you manage buyer workloads, signature circuits, and invoices.

Invoice processing in Sage X3 is automatic. The system automatically attaches the invoice to the transaction and identifies the sender and supplier. It also stores invoice formats for future processing. It also matches purchase orders to goods receipts, speeding up allocation. In addition, this software has the ability to store invoice information in the cloud, which will make it easy to access and use in the future.

Purchasing Sage X3 can be costly, but it can also help you increase your productivity. If your budget allows, you can also add additional modules that support your business needs. With more than 6,500 customers worldwide, this ERP solution can help you grow your business. Sage X3 is ideal for organizations that need a reliable, cloud-based ERP solution that will keep their operations running smoothly.

The software also allows you to purchase services without subcontracting. This feature is provided in Sage X3 V12, and it uses a new field called Product Type that enables users to specify the default type for service products. In addition to this, it requires products with a ‘Service’ Product Category. This feature enables simple services to be purchased and managed within Purchasing. This feature will make the process flow simpler and more effective for your business.

Purchasing Sage X3 is a highly customizable software program that helps you streamline all of the processes within your business. It will allow you to integrate all key aspects of your business, including sales, manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, and accounting. It will allow you to better track and manage your inventory and customer relationships while promoting operational efficiency.

Project Tracking

Using the Sage X3 Project Management module, you can efficiently track and manage your projects. With its integrated features, you can create multiple projects, assign tasks to employees, track time spent on each project, and approve timesheet entries. The software also offers an integrated planning and resource management view. You can create customized reports and view your time management data from a graphical interface.

Sage’s Project Management module helps you define project budgets and processes, ensuring that the right resources and time are allocated to the right projects. It also helps you track and define the various milestones and tasks associated with each milestone. By integrating with other ERP modules, you can see which projects are running at any given time and ensure that the projects are running smoothly.

The Sage X3 system includes electronic alerts to notify you of any changes or problems. For example, if you’ve placed an order and the quantity is lower than the required quantity, the system will display a red background on the project. If the quantity is higher, the background changes to an orange color. It also allows you to customize alerts using the extensive alert manager functionality.

Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. The software allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of a project, from start to finish. Its robust bill of materials management will help you deliver the highest quality and consistency. In addition, Sage X3 helps you improve planning and scheduling. It is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution that is easy to use and highly adaptable.

Shop Floor Control

With Sage X3, you can easily manage your shop floor costs, direct and indirect labor costs, product flows, and more. The intuitive software can also help you manage your business operations from anywhere – it is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. This shop floor management system also has an HR module and helps you manage your workforce and payroll.

Sage X3 is capable of managing the entire manufacturing process from procurement to scheduling and quality control. It can improve the efficiency of your supply chain and increase your overall performance. The software can also help you meet quality, safety, and legal compliance standards. It is a comprehensive tool that will help you reduce costs and grow your business faster.

Sage X3 shop floor control includes features that can be tailored to the needs of small and large companies. It includes local and cloud hosting options, the process above, and ERP software. In addition, you can easily set up your business with multiple user accounts to make your data accessible to your entire team.

The software also comes with an extensive support and training network. If you don’t have a technical background, you can enroll in a self-paced course and get started on your Sage X3 system. Alternatively, you can refer to Sage’s product documentation for guidance. You can also take advantage of Sage’s online support and training courses.

Using Sage x3 shop floor control allows you to monitor your staff and track their activities. The software tracks clocking-in, breaks, production tracking, elapsed labor, and other shop floor activities. You can also set up detailed or summary teams to keep track of each employee’s activities. You can also assign activities based on the type of employee or site.

Integration with Industry-specific Software

Many leading manufacturers depend on Sage X3 for their financial and manufacturing management needs. It works with various industry-specific software and hardware solutions, including discrete and process manufacturing. It supports financial management, quality control, sampling, replenishment, RFID support, and location management. It also has real-time analytics, alerts, and notifications to keep users informed.

Sage X3 ERP is a simple yet powerful software solution that is easy to use and customizable when needed. It supports multiple languages and currencies and can be accessed locally or over the web. It is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Windows. This makes it flexible and adaptable to a variety of businesses.

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