Sativa seeds

When searching for your first cannabis seeds to grow at home, you’re sure to come across the term sativa. What are sativa seeds, and why grow them instead of the indica variety? 

These top-shelf marijuana seeds grow into delicious buds that send your mind on an exciting journey and give you the buzz you need to get through a tough day. You can expect euphoric and joyful sensations when you light up a joint with cannabis grown from pure sativa seeds.

There are hundreds of sativa seeds for sale in the USA, and they all have distinctive effects, aromas, and flavors. It can be hard to pick a strain with so many options available. 

Fear not! 

We’ve put together this ultimate guide to cannabis sativa seeds to help you select the right cultivar for you. You’ll discover why you should try one of these strains, the benefits of sativas, how to grow them, and where to buy your first pack. Before you know it, you’ll be growing your homegrown stash of delicious sativa cannabis. Let’s roll. 

What are sativa seeds

What are sativa marijuana seeds, and where do they come from? Most strains of this variety originate from tropical regions—close to the equator. Here, the climate tends to be hot and humid, which is why a lot of cannabis thrives in those conditions. 

When you buy sativa seeds and watch them start to grow, you notice they develop into tall, lanky crops, often reaching over six feet in height. Once you harvest the buds, you’re in for a treat.

Consumers report a plethora of positive sensations—both medicinally and recreationally. Sativa seeds reward your growing efforts with heightened concentration and a huge boost in energy.

Medical marijuana users love these strains for their therapeutic benefits. Sativa cultivars are excellent for combatting fatigue and helping individuals with anxiety or depression. To understand more about these cultivars and see a list of strains, click here for sativa seeds for sale.

Indica vs. sativa seeds

One of the biggest dilemmas for marijuana fans is choosing between indica vs. sativa seeds. These are the main varieties available, and there are many differences between the two

Firstly, sativa strain seeds affect you mentally. Expect to feel euphoric, focused, and full of energy. Indica seeds produce nugs with more physical effects—perfect before bed for a great night’s sleep or to help with chronic pain. 

Another big difference is how the two varieties grow. Sativa cannabis seeds develop into tall plants with long, thin leaves. Indicas usually grow into shorter crops with bushier foliage.

Sativa seeds thrive in hot, humid conditions, like those found around the equator. Indicas are a little tougher because they come from mountain regions where the weather is colder and harsher. 

Take a look at the following table for a clear view of the difference between the two. 

Sativa Seeds Indica Seeds
Mental effects Physical effects
Tall, thin plants Short, bushy crops
Prefer hot and humid conditions Can survive cold, harsh climates

Sativa seeds benefits 

The sativa seed’s benefits are one reason why many cannabis gardeners opt for them over the indica variety. Here are a few of the biggest advantages to choosing them:

  • Resistant to mold and mildew. Thanks to where marijuana sativa seeds originate, they’re used to humid climates. This factor makes it much easier for them to withstand these common plant issues.
    • Better for growing in hydroponics. These seeds do much better in a hydro setup than indicas. All the water means there’s a lot of humidity, but your sativa seeds will love this and thrive.
  • Medicinal advantages. Sativa cannabis seeds can help with many medical conditions. When you consume the buds, expect relief for anxiety and pain without feeling sleepy—a common side effect of many conventional medicines.

How to germinate cannabis sativa seeds

Perhaps the most essential part of growing your homegrown stash of cannabis is germination. Getting this technique spot on will give your pure sativa seeds the best start in life and encourage them to thrive. There are many methods you can try to start your seeds successfully—with each providing varying results. 

The simplest technique—great for beginners—is to plant them directly into the soil. This way, your seeds develop naturally, and you don’t risk damaging them when you transfer them to another grow medium. You do, however, need to wait around ten days to see taproots emerge.

The glass of water technique is another common way of germinating your cannabis sativa seeds. You need to half fill a glass with water and pop your seeds inside. Leave the setup in a dark area for 24 hours, and you should see results. Just be careful that the water isn’t too cold.

The germination method with the best results is the paper towel technique. It’s an easy setup to put together with household items you should have around your house. You can expect to see a taproot in 1–5 days, and the warm environment is perfect for your sativa seeds.

Gather the following items to germinate your marijuana sativa seeds with the paper towel method:

  • Two sheets of paper towel
  • A dinner plate
  • Purified water
  • A pair of tweezers
  • The best sativa seeds you can find

Once you’re ready, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Thoroughly wet the two paper towels and compress them carefully to remove any excess water. You want them to be damp but not dripping.
  2. Place one on your clean dinner plate. 
  3. Carefully pick up your sativa seeds one by one with the tweezers and lay them on the paper towel. They should be about an inch apart to avoid any damage or tangling.
  4. Lay the second paper towel on the top of the seeds and move the setup to a cool, dark place.
  5. Ensure you check on your cannabis seeds at least once a day to ensure the towels aren’t dry. If so, spray them with a little more water.
  6. In five days or less, your seeds will sprout a taproot, signaling that it’s time to move them to pots.

How to grow cannabis sativa seeds

Cultivating sativa seeds in the USA is an exciting experience whether you’re a beginner or veteran grower. The difficulty of the seeds you get depends on the specific strain. 

Feminized sativa seeds are best for novices as they’re more forgiving, and you don’t need to remove any male plants. The autoflower variety is better for experienced gardeners as they don’t allow much room for error.

You can grow your marijuana seeds inside or outdoors. Expect larger yields if you plant in the open, but you also have to contend with more pests and a restricted cultivation season. Indoors, you can grow all year round, but your harvests will be smaller.

Due to their tall stature, you need to perform regular trimming and topping indoors. Prune older foliage to direct nutrients to new growth. If you want to maximize your yields and get fat, juicy nugs, we recommend the Screen of Green technique.

The ideal climate for your sativa cannabis seeds is tropical, like where they originate. Hot and humid conditions are perfect—keep the temperature between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit and RH at 50% if you grow inside. 

As long as you care for your plants and provide the right nutrients during each growth stage, you can expect to harvest decent yields.

8 best sativa seeds

With the variety of sativa cannabis seeds for sale, which strain should you pick? To help you out, we’ve covered two each in the following four categories. 

Autoflower sativa seeds

For growers who want a quick harvest, autoflower sativa seeds are for you. They begin flowering without you changing the light schedule but require experience as there’s very little time to fix mistakes. These are two top choices.

NYC Diesel autoflower

This auto strain has an 8–10 week flowering time, after which you harvest high yields. This cultivar can withstand harsh environments, making it an excellent choice for beginners who want to try their hand at an autoflower. Expect a delightful head high thanks to the 12–14% THC.

Haze XL autoflower

The high THC sativa seeds grow into hardy plants that handle mold and pests well. This strain is a wonderful wake ‘n bake option that provides an energy boost and plenty of mental motivation. If you grow indoors, expect decent yields with this one.

Feminized sativa seeds

If you’re new to the world of cultivating cannabis, your best choice is feminized sativa seeds. There’s no risk of pollination, and you can enjoy plenty of juicy buds come harvest. Two of the best are:

Blue Dream feminized

If you’re looking for marijuana sativa seeds to increase your focus and creative flair, Blue Dream should be your strain of choice. With up to 20% THC, you feel like you’re walking among the clouds in dreamland. They’re easy to grow, and you’ll reap the rewards with decent yields.

Green Crack feminized

Snoop Dogg himself named this famed cultivar—does any more need to be said? The buds reach up to a whopping 25% THC, and the plants grow huge. This potent strain increases energy levels tenfold and is ideal for social gatherings with friends.

Pure sativa seeds

If you prefer pure sativa seeds with nothing else in the mix, try these two:

Durban Poison feminized

Durban Poison is an absolute classic cannabis strain that boasts 13–16% THC. The energy boost is immense and unmatched by most other cultivars. If you grow outdoors, you’ll be gathering some heavy buds at harvest time.

Amnesia Haze feminized

These sativa seeds are a fan favorite thanks to the cerebral buzz that relieves stress and anxiety. Expect hefty yields of chunky nugs that emit a delightful aroma, making your growing efforts well worth it.

Dominant hybrids sativa seeds

Most of the sativa marijuana seeds for sale are hybrids, meaning they’re a cross with an indica strain. You get to experience both sides of the spectrum. Below are two top sativa dominant hybrids.

Strawberry Cough feminized

This energizing and pain-relieving strain boasts up to 23% THC. You can expect sweet, herbal flavors and aromas as the smoke hits the back of your throat and makes you couch—hence the name! Expect higher yields than many other “delicious” strains on the market.

Sour Diesel feminized

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativa cannabis seeds among enthusiasts. The high THC melts away all pain leaving you relaxed and buzzing for the day ahead. Huge yields mean there’s plenty of marijuana to go around and share with friends.

Where to buy sativa seeds

Due to the wide range of cannabis sativa seeds for sale, it’s easy to pick up a packet, whether it be at your local dispensary or an online seed bank. Before you purchase your seeds, ensure it’s legal to do in your state and that you can germinate them without breaking the law.

If you opt to buy sativa seeds at a cannabis shop in your state, you can choose from some of the most popular strains. You’re also able to ask in-shop experts anything you need about germination and growing. However, there’s usually limited stock, and you risk purchasing poor-quality seeds.

The best option is to find sativa seeds for sale at a reputable online store. Homegrown Cannabis Co provides the highest quality seeds on the market and a ton of extras if you’re keen on growing marijuana at home.

On their site, you’ll find a huge variety of pure sativa seeds and sativa dominant hybrids to choose from. Whether you’re looking for high THC seeds or the medical kind, you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

There’s more—Homegrown delivers discreetly to your door, so no nosy neighbors know about your hobby. They offer loads of tips and tricks to grow the best cannabis in town and a forum full of other like-minded cultivators.

Get sativa seeds—get energized

If you want to get your hands on some energy-boosting and spirit-lifting marijuana, you can’t go wrong with sativa seeds. This category is host to hundreds of strains, and they all deliver something unique in the effects, flavor, and smell departments.

Don’t forget to check out the Homegrown Cannabis site and find the ideal cultivar for your personal preferences and needs. Novices; stick to feminized. If you have experience, go for an autoflower strain. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll have fun growing your cannabis sativa seeds and reaping the rewards at the end.

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