Sdn Bhd Company Registration in Malaysia

Registering your business in foreign country can be tricky. We would love to let you know some basics of Malaysia when you are ready for Sdn Bhd Company Registration in Malaysia as a foreigner. You can set-up your business easily in Malaysia. In order to do business in a country you must know the country well. Once you are sure you know enough, you can go forward with the business registration. An Sdn Bhd company registration Malaysia needs investment capital of RM2 only. You must follow the SSM guidelines. Additionally, getting other business licenses are also required.


  1.     Owner or Partner must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia
  2.     Owner or partner must be aged 18 years and above
  3.     Only owner and partner are allowed to submit an application

Process of Registering Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia

The process of company registration in Malaysia are provided below:

  1.     Registration of account on MyCoID portal
  2.     Activating account at SSM counter
  3.     Login credentials received through email after account activation on MyCoIL portal
  4.     Name of the company search on the Direct Incorporation Application on MyCoID portal homepage
  5.     Under Name Search for other information
  6.     Form to clarify your desired company name
  7.     Selection of Business code and description
  8.     Information of shareholders and directors
  9.     Submission of application
  10.   Payment of RM1000 as an incorporation fee and get a receipt
  11.   Registration notice as proof of incorporation

Check your email. You will get Email within 1 business day. Notice of Registration will be emailed to you after successful registration. You can make a purchase of the Company Certificate from the SSM counter. You must pay the prescribed fee.

Time Taken to Register Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia

If you are wondering the time required to register Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia, then you will be happy to know the duration. It usually takes 1 – 2 weeks. Detailed timeframe will be in this article as well. For instance, Account registration and activation requires 1day, preparation of registration documents require 2-3 days, signing of documents by all directors and shareholders require 1 day, submission of document to SSM require 3-5 days, and digital incorporation certificate issued by SSM takes 1 day.

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Requirements to Register Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia

In addition to the previous requirements stated earlier, there are certain aspects that needs to be followed:

  •       Company name
  •       Business nature
  •       A registered office in Malaysia
  •       At least one director and one shareholder
  •       A licensed secretary from SSM or a member of a prescribed professional body
  •       Minimum amount of paid-up capital is RM2
  •       Copy of essential documents is a must.


Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia can be the best business for you. There are few requirements, and you can register online as well. The process is simple. You must follow some easy steps in order to register your Sdn Bhd Company in Malaysia. Sdn Bhd is the most common type of company registration in Malaysia.

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