Updf: The Best Image To Text Converter In 2023!

Most of the content that you find online, especially shared on social media will be in the form of memes, infographics, and screenshots. Therefore, most of the content that you read online will be in the form of images and to extract the text from these images, you will need an effective image-to-text converter.

One of the best image-to-text converters that you can use is UPDF PDF Editor. Its AI-powered OCR technology is specifically designed to extract every single piece of text in an image accurately and without altering the text in any way. 

How to Copy Text from an Image with UPDF 

UPDF’s revolutionary AI-powered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the only solution you should consider if you want the text extracted from your image to be accurate and easily editable. The same AI functionality makes UPDF OCR the easiest to use, allowing you to choose from one of three layouts, depending on the kind of content you want to convert. 

UPDFs OCR may therefore be more than just a solution that allows you to extract text from images, but also a great way for businesses and organizations to extract and collect important data from scanned documents.  In this way, manual data processing can be replaced by a more efficient and cost-effective paperless solution. 

Benefits of AI-Powered OCR 

There are very many benefits to be gained from using AI-powered OCR like UPDF. The following are the most beneficial for both personal and business use; 

  • UPDF’s AI-powered OCR reduced errors that may creep into data when it is copied manually. The OCR is likely to detect all text on the document as opposed to manual copying that may miss some content or introduce errors that may not be in the original text. 
  • UPDF’s OCR has a 99% percent accuracy rate, the highest in the market. 
  • Thanks to its batch processing capabilities, you can use UPDF OCR to extract data from multiple images at the same time. 
  • Since there is no copying of data and the process takes only a few seconds, UPDF’s OCR saves you a lot of time. 
  • Its data processing capabilities help you improve productivity by allowing you to search through tons of data in a few minutes. 
  • When in use UPDF guarantees the safety of your data. 

Features of AI-Powered OCR 

UPDF’s AI-powered OCR has features that you are unlikely to find on any other OCR tool in the market. These include; 

  • It is the most accurate OCR tool in the market with a 99% accuracy rate thanks to the AI that learns with each conversion to improve accuracy. 
  • UPDF can be used to convert any type of scanned document to editable formats. It supports the conversion of scanned ID cards, invoices, receipts, and more. 
  • It is also the only OCR tool that supports up to 40 different languages. You can even use it to convert text written in two different languages. 
  • UPDF is compatible with and accessible on all platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 

Other Methods on UPDF 

Apart from using OCR, you can also copy text from a PDF using the “Copying Button” or by converting the document to another format. Let’s look at how both of these methods can help; 

Copy Text from PDF Using the “Copying Button.” 

Step 1: Download and install UPDF on your computer. Open it and then click on the “Open File” button to import the PDF file with the text you want to copy. 

Step 2: The document will open in reader mode. To copy the text, simply drag your mouse to select the text and then right-click and choose “Copy.” 

Then simply use the “Ctrl + V” command to paste the copied text into a new document. 

Copy Text from PDF by Converting 

Another simple way to copy the text on a PDF document is by converting the document into a more editable format like Word or Excel. Use these steps to do it; 

Step 1: With the document open in UPDF, click on the “Export PDF” button on the right side of the screen. 

Step 2: You should see a list of the different output formats that UPDF supports. Choose a format and UPDF will convert the PDF to the selected format. You can then open the newly converted file and copy the text you need. 

Other Features UPDF Offers 

UPDF is a complete all-in-one PDF Editor with numerous other tools that can help you do everything from opening and reading a PDF to annotating and editing the text. The following are just some of its main functions; 

  • It is one of the best ways to reads a PDF document. You can use the slideshow mode to read without distractions and use the numerous annotation tools to share your thoughts on the content. 
  • UPDF’s editing tools simplify the PDF editing process, allowing you to add and remove text or images and even reorganize the pages. 
  • Accurate conversion tools mean that you can convert a document to any format. 
  • Its easy to use Fill and Sign features are easy to use making it the best tool for contacts, agreements, and application documents of all kinds. 
  • It has AI features that can summarize PDF content, explain technical content, translate a PDF, or even generate content when writing. 

Comparison Between UPDF and Other PDF Editors 

The following table compares UPDF with Adobe Acrobat’s pricing structure to give you an idea of why UPDF is the most affordable solution for you; 

Pricing, System, and Features


Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Pricing Annual: $39.99

Perpetual: $59.99

US$155.88/year US$239.88/year
Work on Systems Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android Windows only Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


Open and read PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Search text in PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Display a PDF as a slideshow Yes No No

Annotate PDF

Highlight/Strikethrough/Underline Yes Yes Yes
Manage the annotation list Yes Yes Yes
Stickers Yes No No

Edit PDF

Add text to PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Add and edit links, watermarks, background, header & footer Yes Yes Yes
Add rich text by dragging and dropping Yes No No

Convert PDF

Convert PDF to RTF, HTML, Word, Excel, PPT, etc. Yes Yes Yes
Convert PDF to GIF Yes No No
Convert PDF to CSV Yes Yes Yes
Convert PDF to BMP Yes Yes Yes


If your goal is to extract text content from a PDF document, UPDF gives you a lot of solutions to choose from. It is easy to use, highly accurate, and accessible on all devices. Click here to get 54% off UPDF Pro and enjoy all these features and more. 

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