Should You Buy an Electric Vehicle for your travel needs in Bangalore

We haven’t quite nailed the process of travelling via jet packs yet, but future-focused automobile innovations have led to at least electric vehicles being widely available in India. And if you’re someone who thinks of themselves as future-ready, this could be a great way to prove your point. As an ambitious young professional you’ve got a lot going for you, so it’s only right that you should travel in style. If you’re considering getting yourself some wheels for your daily commute to one of the best IT parks in Bangalore, you’re in the right place. Here’s a look at why the new electric vehicles flooding the Indian market could be the right fit for you.

Going Gearless

If you’re someone who’s put off driving lessons because they’re too complicated, this might be a turning point for you. Because here there are no gears for you to contend with. Electric cars are super easy to drive – all you have to do is climb in and press start. It’s even easier than dealing with an automatic car since electric vehicles have motors instead of internal gears. Your driving experience will be a lot smoother, and way more fun. Don’t worry about your safety though; your vehicle will still have traditional brakes.

Good for the Environment

This goes without saying, but electric vehicles go a long way towards cutting down your carbon footprint. Think about all the choices you’ve made for sustainable living. If you were able to adapt to steel straws or vegan diets, why not opt for a car that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases while it runs. We can’t all be Greta Thunberg, but we can all do our part to slow down global warming. And eco-friendly transport is definitely the way to go.

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An Icon of Innovation

If you’re a young professional working in India today, you already know about the value of innovation. The world around us is full of tech-solutions, and being future-ready and adaptable is one of the most important qualities a person (or company) could have. That’s why so many startups in Bangalore like Ather Energy are working to create the best electric vehicles for the Indian audience. With several such companies working to design and produce more affordable and efficient transportation options, you’re sure to want to hop onto this bandwagon of innovation.

No More Petrol Pumps

You’re on your way home from work when you notice the fuel gauge on your dashboard looks dangerously low. Which means you’re going to have to take a detour to the petrol pump. But you’re already tired and you’re dying to get home. Except procrastinating tonight will mean waking up extra early for a fuel top-up tomorrow. So you take the detour. Tired of this routine? Well, with an electric vehicle, you’ll no longer have any need for petrol pumps. Because you’ll be able to charge your car easily at home simply by plugging it in for a few hours. And if you have a fast-charging unit, you could even head home for lunch and fuel up yourself and your car at the same time. Now that’s what we call efficient!

Save on Everything

There’s nothing we like more than a good deal. And an electric vehicle can be more than just that. Because you’ll be able to save a huge amount on running costs. Not to mention that you’ll never have to keep track of fluctuating oil prices again. A single charge can last you for upto a 250 mile (400 kilometre) drive, so you’re saving a tonne on fuel costs. And maintenance is a lot cheaper too, since electric vehicles don’t need oil changes or have transmission problems. The rate of wear and tear will be a lot lower, and at the most you might need to replace your battery after a few years. Don’t forget to save the warranty.

So if you’re about someone who’s looking to make a smart investment and travel in style, an electric vehicle might be a good choice for you. Because a car that’s easier to drive, more affordable, and an asset to the movement for sustainability is sure to fit your bill of requirements. So make a smart decision and settle on an electric vehicle for all your transportation needs.

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