Simple Tips to Control Diabetes Before it Even Starts!

Is it Possible to Control Diabetes Before it Starts? 

Worries that you might get type 2 diabetes because it runs in the family? Like we can’t control our genetics, we cannot control the genetic medical conditions passed on to us. Nothing is scarier than the thought of dealing with genetically passed on diseases. Rather than living in fear, doing things to address health issues is the way to go. 

Many invite genetic conditions into their lives with open arms by having an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Not only is diabetes a devastating disease, but it is costly. Medications such as Januvia and Trulicity can cost thousands of dollars each year. It’s essential to make the proper lifestyle changes before it’s too late. Getting proper medical advice, starting treatments, and making healthy lifestyle changes is the best way. We discuss some tips to help you control diabetes. Here they are:

How to Control Diabetes Before it Starts? 

Basically, diabetes or in simpler terms, sugar, has a lot to do with insulin production in your body. People often use borderline sugar when their sugar levels are high but not high enough to get type-2 diabetes. If the doctor broke the news that you might get diabetes in the future, don’t accept your defeat. Here is what you can do to fight it: 

  • Are You Eating Too Many Carbs? 

We are guilty of indulging in pizza on weekends; carbs are our coping mechanism. While it is okay to eat carbs in moderation, please don’t rely on them in every meal. Carbs are more complex for the body to break down and digest.  

On the other hand, carbs break down into sugar which gets absorbed in our bloodstream raising the sugar levels. Our pancreas has to work harder to control sugar levels by producing more insulin. Replace carbs with proteins, healthy fats and fibre to promote better digestion. You know what to do when you crave carbs, right? 

  • Are Tou Extra Meaty This Season? 

Who doesn’t appreciate curves, especially when a thick body is a fashion? However, nobody appreciates those extra stomach rolls, especially your body. Being overweight is one of the highest risk factors for diabetes. Maintaining your healthy body weight is necessary to tackle most health issues.  

Adding lots of fibre and spices like turmeric to your diet can do wonders. Many people swear by turmeric benefits as it helps fight diseases. You can surely benefit from the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of turmeric. On the other hand, you can also consult a nutritionist to help you with mindful weight loss considering your health condition. 

  • Is Every Little Thing Bothering You? 

Stress is one of the common factors in every person’s life that causes a lot of health concerns. Hypertension makes your body stay in fight or flight mode, disrupting your body’s function. It is crucial to enhance your mental health and stay calm in your daily life. Indulge in activities that help you relax and enjoy your life. Staying in a happy bubble for longer can do wonders for your health. Hence, stay calm, and if you can’t, consult a therapist to help you. 

  • Is Junk Your Only Way to Feel Happy? 

Most of us have some other comfort food. However, junk is one of the constant things in our lives. If you are prone to diabetes, the first thing you need to do is say bye-bye to junk foods. Add lots of soluble fibre to your diet. Fibre creates a gel-like lining in your gut, making it easier for your food to digest. Turmeric and diabetes are two separate things, but they hold a deeper connection. 

You can have turmeric every day in your food or have turmeric milk to increase your immunity. The more you add healthier things to your lifestyle, the better you feel. Clean eating is the ultimate way to beat genetic medical conditions. 

  • Are You Drinking or Smoking Too Often?  

Did you know that smoking contributes to insulin resistance in your body? We all know how vital insulin production is to regulate the sugar levels in our bodies. People dealing with anxiety disorder often take solace in smoking. However, it shouldn’t be the only source that makes you calm down. 

Letting lose once in a while will not do you much harm. However, making smoking or drinking a habit is not the most incredible thing. You are inviting diabetes to come and get you. Hence, try and replace your addiction with something healthy. 

  • Are You Skipping The Gym? 

Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes by regulating insulin levels within the body. Many people find it hard to hit the gym, but you don’t have to. Taking time out for a 30-minute walk can do wonders for your health. When you want to increase the intensity of your workouts, you can start with a little bit of cardio. Focus on making exercise a part of your routine and stay consistent with it. You will see results in the longer run. 

Our Thoughts!

Whether diabetes runs in your family or it is your poor lifestyle, controlling it is possible. Some simple lifestyle changes and making conscious decisions will help you beat any medical condition easily.

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