Smart Gifts for the Whole Family

When shopping for presents, you probably normally head to the store with a specific person in mind. You may love to buy gifts for your spouse, kids, friends or parents. It’s even appropriate to treat yourself to a present from time to time. What if you want to make your whole family happier and make their lives easier? Check out these gift possibilities.

Board Games

This gift does more than provide a fun game to play together. It also means giving your family the gift of your time. Board games are a wonderful opportunity for jokes, laughter and affection.

You can learn more about each other and relax doing something you all enjoy. Look for games that are appropriate for the ages of your kids but also entertaining for adults, such as games that feature drawing, acting or playing with clay. One one the most loved options that you can buy is darts board.

Ice Cream Maker

These days, making homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt is much easier than in the past. Not only do modern ice cream makers give you control over ingredients, but they also let you create fun and delicious flavors. If you’ve ever wanted to discover what chocolate ice cream would taste like with caramel corn, now’s your chance. This type of device can give parents and kids something to work together on, and everybody gets to enjoy the results afterward.

Home Water Filter

Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important things for your family’s overall health. Unfortunately, staying hydrated isn’t easy if you don’t like the taste of your water or if the local water isn’t good to drink. Plus, buying enough bottled water can add up quickly.

With a reverse osmosis water filter, enjoying delicious, refreshing and cool water at home is effortless. Your spouse may be more excited about this gift than you imagine.

Massage Chair or Cushion

There is a huge range of massage chairs and cushions to choose from. At the higher end of prices, there are chairs that perform a deep tissue massage on your entire back, neck and lower body, plus provide heat for relaxing aches and pains. On the lower end, you can get vibrating pads that help soothe tired muscles.

No matter what you choose, every member of the family — teens included — is sure to love getting a massage when they feel pain. It’s not as good as paying a massage therapist, but you can enjoy the relaxation as many times as you want.

Screen Projector / Home Theater Setup

This is another gift with a large price range. For all the bells and whistles, including a cutting-edge sound system, you should be prepared to spend a pretty penny. On the other hand, a screen projector on its own is relatively affordable for any family.

You just need a decent sound system, a blank white wall and space on the ceiling to install the projector, and you’re good to go. If your family loves Hollywood blockbusters, nothing is as amazing as the big screen — from the comfort of your own home.

Photo Album

This present isn’t as popular with young teens, but it’s something that couples can treasure. Plus, as kids get older, they often take an interest in the family’s past. True, it’s faster and easier to just look at your pictures on an electronic device, but it’s not as romantic or special.

When you keep your favorite pictures in an album, you can include other mementos you treasure from your life together, including love letters, napkin messages and drawings from your kids. Any time you want to rekindle the romance, just snuggle up together on the couch and flip through your memories.

These are just a few possibilities for family gifts, but the categories should give you some ideas for your own family. The important thing is to choose something that benefits everyone and draws you together. The important thing isn’t the price tag, but how useful, entertaining or endearing the gift is.

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