Sports betting: principles and strategies

How to bet on sports: life hacks and principles

Learning to think like a professional bettor or capper is the cherished dream of every novice player. But if earlier the path from a beginner to a gambling specialist could be measured in several years, today, using online technologies and delving into high-quality sports analytical information that sports agencies replicate, one can learn the art of how to make money on bets, literally in one game or season.

The main rule of the player is not to be sprayed

The principles and rules of the betting game for, for example, Soccer bet or any other sporting event are approximately the same. But, nevertheless, each sport has its own competitive characteristics and, therefore, the rules for successful betting may differ significantly for them.

For gamblers who are just starting their betting careers, choosing a betting sport is one of the most important decisions. It is not recommended to play several types at once, master one, and, based on the experience gained, including new areas of sports in the game.

The largest amount of relevant analytical information can be found on football matches, and therefore it will be easiest for a beginner to navigate precisely when calculating and forming bets on football.

Bookmaker tips

Almost every bookmaker’s office tells from the screens how to place sports bets correctly. But if in 10 cases out of 10 such bookmaker information is purely advertising in nature and will not be able to give a positive result, then some less obvious tools will still be able to provide the player with invaluable assistance and will allow you to calculate your bet so as not to lose.

These tools include:

  • statistics on tournaments and games;
  • additional bonuses;
  • suggested variants of express trains.

Of course, this is only the initial information for analysis, but without it it is impossible to get basic information about how the bookmaker evaluates the upcoming event.

Experienced bettors compare the betting information with the data of the best sports analytics sites. A lot of interesting information is given on the English-language resources. Taking into account the collected data, a game plan is built.

Rules for the formation of game strategies

Each game and each calculation of bets is individual, but there are fundamentals, without which it is impossible to master the science of how to correctly place bets in a bookmaker’s office. This basic knowledge includes the following ideas:

  • search for bets on underestimated events;
  • the ability to place bets on outsiders;
  • immunity to losses (including serial losses);
  • relying on the result for a set time period and abandoning the idea of ​​hitting a big jackpot in one game.

And, of course, the main tool for forming each bet is a mathematical calculation.

Analysis of odds of bookmakers

This is one of the most interesting tricks in sports betting, using which you can consistently win. The secret of betting is finding bookmaker errors. And if an experienced bettor sees an error almost immediately, then a beginner will have to study in detail the statistics of the game of both teams and the summary standings before determining the degree to which the bookmaker’s odds correspond to the real balance of power.

So, for example, in the game of teams A and B in the table of odds for totals, the bookmaker indicated: Total Under 3.5 – 1.22, for Total Under 2.5 – 1.65. After analyzing the standings, you understand that in this game the teams do not need points and it is unlikely that the total outcome of the event will exceed two points, so there is a high probability that a higher bet will play, although the bookmakers thought that most likely the event will end with the result – 3 points.

How to bet on outsiders

Only seasoned professionals with a steel psyche can afford to place bets exclusively on the winnings of outsiders or on a draw. If you are a beginner, you want to bet on ineffective teams and win, then you need to learn how to properly bet on sports betting Handicap and Asian handicap. The latter type of bet is very difficult and is rarely used even by professional privateers, but this is the advantage of such a game. The player who has learned its rules will have an advantage over the others.

Ability to lose ten times and win once

Yes, win so that the profit will cover all the accumulated costs. At first glance, such a big win resembles a jackpot hit, but in reality, such a result is a system of well-considered steps, and not blind luck, and the game of betting on luck. Forming a strategy, prepare for systematic work of 8-10 a day, and then your enchanting jackpot is just around the corner.

Unusual Sports Betting: Success or Failure?

Some bettors who are very keen on betting may even wager on very rare and even unusual sports. Bookmakers are ready to make money on anything and they give players a line of bets on many interesting sports. If bets on cricket, darts, snooker are even less a normal option, then betting on netball, or, for example, air hockey, seems completely unreasonable.

Such exotic sports should not deserve your attention, although there are lucky ones who, based only on bookmaker odds, win the jackpot, but this is a rarity. If you absolutely do not understand a discipline unknown to yourself, it is better to bypass it and not bet in the opinion of different experts or conventional strategies. The strategies work, but they need to be correctly applied, otherwise, the bank will merge quickly.

It is easier to make money on bets in tenis – with this, we smoothly approached the logical conclusion of the post. Based on many years of experience, we can say with confidence that tenis is the most predictable sport since it is the most popular and there is a lot of information and statistics about any match or tournament. Tennis betting odds from every legalized sportsbook compared is the easier strategy to win. Choosing which discipline to focus on betting in, if you know tenis and you can win, so why invent a bicycle and drive yourself to the possible risks of losing? 

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