Surfing In Sri Lanka – Your First Surf Session 

Learning to surf is no easy task. Whether you’re taking surf lessons at a surf camp in Sri Lanka or learning elsewhere, the road to riding your first wave is often riddled with wipeouts, embarrassments and tiny frustrations. Despite all of that, no feeling in the world compares to riding your first wave. Here at Sri Lanka surf camp,

The Surfer Weligama, we take pride on the skills of expert surf instructors, who will be with you every step of the way during your learning process. To excel in surfing, you need a strong under-standing of basic surf fundamentals and wave mechanics. So, whether you’re making your first steps in surfing at surf camp The Surfer Weligama, learning to ride Sri Lanka beginner friendly waves by yourself or practicing elsewhere.

Surf lessons begin on the shore in the sand, not in the water. On the beginner surf beach right in front of The Surfer Sri Lanka, their knowledgeable instructors will guide you through a lesson in wave mechanics, surf theory, and surf fundamentals. One of the first techniques you will learn is effective paddling. Proper paddle technique begins with your positioning on the board. If you’re too far forward on the board, you’ll nosedive when trying to paddle into a wave. If you’re too close to the tail of the board, you’ll create unnecessary drag, which will allow waves to roll under you as you try to paddle into them. Find the sweet spot on your board with a little trial and error and remember the spot on the board using a point of reference, such as your head’s position compared to the board’s logo.

You don’t need to be a husk or a weightlifting champion to be able to surf, the only thing that is asked of you here is that your general fitness level allows you to be on water fighting the waves. Surfing is an extremely demanding aerobic exercise that is going to take a lot away from you in terms of stamina so make sure you have plenty. Other than that your chest and arms should be strong enough for the sake of pedaling and of course, you must know about swimming, 

When it comes to surfing in Sri Lanka , the best place you can think of going to is Weligama surf beach, Weligama beach has a long coast line with many different beginner friendly surf peaks, on top that best thing is Weligama Bay full of sandy coast line. 

Book your next surf trip to Weligama, Sri Lanka and have your first surf session at one of best surf camp in Sri Lanka “The Surfer Sri Lanka

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