The Benefits of a Manual Lawn Mower

The following article looks at the benefits of using a manual lawn mower. Manual lawn mowers have several benefits that still attract even after the invention of more advanced lawn mowers. This report goes through some of these reasons why this old school machines are still in use.


According to Manual Lawn Mower Kenya, lawn mowers are machines used to cut the grass surface to even levels. The machines utilize revolving blades. Some mowers cut grass to a fixed level, but in most of the machines, the level is adjustable. Manual lawn mowers are powered mechanically through the movement of the wheels. The wheels are connected to cutting blades, thus as the mower moves, the blades also spin.

In addition to manual lawn mowers, they are engine and motor-powered lawn mowers. However, even with the invention with the more advanced mowers, manual lawn mowers are still popular. The following are some of the reasons why the mowers are still popular.

Ease of use

Commercial grounds maintenance Solihull recommends using Manual Lawn Mower since The manually operated mower is very easy to use. The machine starts cutting once you start pushing it. As long as the wheels are moving, the blades will continue spinning and the grass will be cut. The machines are lightweight, and thus easy to store, lift and store. Its ease of use attracts buyers as the other mowers are not as easy to use.


The manual lawn mowers prices in Kenya are very economical. The price of these mowers is lower than that of the engine and motor-powered mowers. Moreover, the running cost for these mowers is zero. The machines do not require any other source of power apart from the one supplied mechanically by the wheels. Power and fuel are a non-issue with these machines.

Cutting ability

Manual lawn mowing is much better for cutting grass as they is no tearing or ripping. The even and clean blades of the manual mowers seal grass blades. The grass blades are able to keep out harmful organisms and hold moisture. The mulch produced is fine and decomposes quickly. The mulch is left on the lawn and acts as natural fertilizer.


The machines are manually powered, and thus the owner has to all the work. Pushing the mowers round the compound gives some very good exercise. Pushing a mower makes one burn the same number of calories every hour as downhill skiing or playing tennis. It’s a way to kill two birds with one stone. The lawn gets done as you exercise.


The maintenance cost for these mowers is very low. This makes them a better option in terms of affordability. The machines do not need gas, oil, spark plugs or repairs. The only maintenance required is sharpening and brushing of the blades occasionally.


The manual lawn mower is cheaper than engine or motor-powered mowers. The machines require little maintenance and are very use to use. Moreover, the machines offer exercise and cut the grass better than their counterparts. For more information, visit

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