The Best Things to Do in Washington

Whether you are planning a short trip to explore Washington or something much longer, it is important to enjoy the area as much as possible. When you are deciding upon the best things to do and see, start by thinking about who you are traveling with. You may enjoy doing and seeing your chosen attrractions but what will others enjoy too? You can get much more out of a Washington vacation when you plan and prepare.

Visit Seattle’s Space Needle

One thing that should be at the top of your list is a visit to the Space Needle. Rising over 180 meters in height, it is a sight that stands out above the skyline. Unique features of the Space needle include a rotating restaurant and an observation deck that gives you 360-degree views. When you are looking at purchasing Space Needle tickets, it is important to get your reservations sorted in advance to avoid disappointment. The space needle can become very popular, and you want to be sure that you can see it when you visit.

Mount Rainier National Park 

If you want to lose a couple of days in nature, then you need to head to Mount Rainier National Park. Here you can take in breathtaking beauty and scenery while taking in the alpine glacial system that makes the park popular with many visitors. From Seattle, you can do a day’s hike up to the park if you are limited on time. Or, if you want to fully explore and immerse yourself in the experience, then why not hire a vehicle and fully explore the little hidden areas of the park? Whether you are looking for a light trek or you are looking to climb, this could be the ideal spot for you.

The Washington Monument

If you are looking at visiting something iconic and standalone on your visit, then why not head to the obelisk-shaped building that is the Washington Monument? Exploring the inside of the monument can be done using the elevator. Once you have reached the observation deck, you will find that you can see for up to 25 miles in each direction. Taking in the beauty and scenery around you from this vantage point will give you a closer connection to Washington and its history.

Thinking About How Much Time You Have

To make the most out of Washington, you have to be organized. Think carefully about the time that you have, and think about your budget too. You do not want to be rushing around or stretching yourself too thin, as this will affect the experience. Breaking down both the time you have (and your budget) will allow you to take full advantage of this fantastic state. When you are putting together a budget, do not forget to think about accommodation, traveling (via bus or other services) food, and tipping. Little expenses can soon build up, so take these into account early on in the planning process. It is better to be prepared than it is to feel under pressure to dip into savings or a credit card and build up debt.  


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