The Best Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

WhatsApp is by far the most used Instant messaging and calling app used all over the world, because it provides its customers with a brilliant user-friendly environment, and works around the clock to provide its customers with the best possible services, including video-calling, data-sharing, and day-to-day status updates, and that too without any delay whatsoever.

That being said, a significant problem arises when people have to switch their devices to a newer one as still cross-platform data backup and restoration is not possible easily. The compatibility between the two most popular operating systems, Android and iPhone, makes it impossible for any user to backup and hard to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. Most frequently asked questions on the internet regarding this topic still remain, “How to WhatsApp iPhone to Android?” As there are a lot of posts and articles present on the internet providing an easy and fast solution, most of them are scams, and users adhering to them often lose their data forever or lose their privacy in the process. 

To not let this happen to the valued customers, let’s first discuss the most asked questions on the internet and then talk about the solutions on how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android safely and securely.

Is a WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android directly possible?  

No, such a process is not yet possible, and there is a very simple explanation to it. While the iPhone stores all the WhatsApp data on the iCloud, the android stores all the data on Google drive, and as these two storages are not compatible with each other, a backup directly from iPhone to Android is not possible. 

Is there a secure way to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android?

Although both these platforms are not compatible with each other but there are some ways and tools present which  while keeping your data safe and secure, allow you to transfer it from iPhone to Android. It is always advised to cautiously use these tools as to keep the data private and secure and be safe from privacy breaches.

Ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

As the frequently and most common asked questions have been answered, let’s move forward to the actual ways through which the secure transfer of WhatsApp data can be done from iPhone to Android.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android through Email

The first method is through email. As the most important aspect while transferring WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android is security, this method keeps that point in check. However, it is somewhat time-consuming, but the technique is very simple.

  • Open WhatsApp from your iPhone and select the chat you want to transfer
  • Open settings-Chat Settings-Export Chat-Email
  • A pop-up will be generated reminding you that attaching media will generate a larger email. (There is usually a certain limit as to the file size that can be attached)
  • While keeping in mind the limit, select the chat with or without media (Your own preference)
  • Enter your Email address and send the selected file
  • Open Email from your Android phone and download the sent chat.

One drawback of this method is that this downloaded chat will not be able to sync with WhatsApp on your android. Also, you will have to do this manually for every chat that you want to transfer, because as I said before, this method is time taking and slow but keeps the data secure.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android using MobileTrans

This is by far the best tool out there which is the most reliable and safe to use. It gets your work done while also ensuring safety and privacy of the data. 

  1. Install the software on your PC and open “WhatsApp Transfer”

2. Click the option “Transfer WhatsApp messages” . 

3. Connect both your phones to your PC and press “Start.” 

4. Disconnect both the phones after the transfer is completed. 

MobileTrans is our recommended tool to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to android as it is the safest and most secure wat out on the internet. Plus, it is also a very user-friendly and simple tool to use. MobileTrans ensures that your WhatsApp backup from iPhone to Android is done properly and securely. While providing you this superb service, MobileTrans also provides you with some extra features such as:

  • Providing backup and restore of other apps such as WeChat, Kik, Line etc 
  • Providing Backup and restore of WhatsApp data on PC.

So, from all the evidence above, transferring data from iPhone to Android is possible, but it is not that easy as people think it is. While also keeping in mind that people having no knowledge and research on the topic often fall for privacy scams and data breaches while trying every solution they see on the web and generally get their privacy and security compromised. Therefore, one has to be very cautious in this matter and should always research extensively before attempting anything as complex as this so to be safe from future regrets. 

Method 3: Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android through Official Method

In August 2021, Samsung Galaxy unpacked their new foldable phones, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The key announcement was the ability to transfer Whatsapp chats between Android and iOS, a feature that has been longed for since a long time. But one downside to this feature is that this ability is present only in samsung phones. Whatsapp finally confirmed this feature will be rolling out in addition to some other popular app’s features such as group video calls, view once pictures and videos and much more.

But due to Whatsapp on android and iOS using differrent backup platforms, this method will have to be done manually by using a USB-C to Lightning cable. Once both the phones are connected, the whatsapp can be transferred. Another downside to this feature is that both the iPhone and the Galaxy phones should be updated to the lastets versions of whatsapp and Android or iOS respectively. Lastly, this process is only possible when you set up your phone for the first time so for this method to work, you may have to reset your phone. It should be noted that this process works only one way i.e between an iPhone and a Samsung phone. 

The internet has a lot of solutions on “How to transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android,” but the provided solutions seldom work as many are scams to steal important  data from the customers or to leak confidential information. There are some services present which do actually work but either they are very costly or they take up so much time.  With everything said, transferring whatsapp data from iphone to android is a time-taking process and highly risky. But there are solutions present which we have provided you with. Among which the most secure and highly reliable solution is “MobileTrans” becasue of its felxibility, easy-to-use procedure and high data security.

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