The Gambling Legislation of Poland

The Polish Gambling Legislative Act doesn’t make a clear difference between gambling and financial markets. However, they are governed by different laws. Financial products and gambling games have outcomes that depend on things the players can’t control. However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem in practice.

In 2009, a political scandal called the “gaming affair.” Senior politicians from the government and the ruling party worked with the owners of gambling firms to change the law in their favor. This is why the law is the way it is now. The government passed a law to show that lobbying won’t change their minds as a response to the affair. Because of this, the Act makes it illegal to do most types of gambling, which is very strict.

Most people and the government still think that gambling is a bad habit and a risky business. It hasn’t been banned because it brings in money for the country. On the other hand, many bans on gambling have been seen as slowing the growth of the market. BizzoCasino Poland is a reliable polish casino playing platform.

Government control and business on its own

Since April 2017, the monopoly’s reach has grown by a lot. At the moment, the state-owned company Totalizator Sportowy sp z o.o. Offers online casino games and slot machine parlors. 11 Both areas can only be used by Totalizator Sportowy. Before April 2017, when Totalizator Sportowy was given the exclusive right to run them, there were no multi-jurisdictional lotteries on the Polish market.

Also covered by the Act are private companies that run casinos, betting shops, online betting services, and a wide range of lottery and bingo games. Poland has rules about getting licenses that limit the number of casinos and bingo halls that can open.

All of Poland’s rules about gambling are followed everywhere in the country. Municipalities have a tiny part to play in regulating the market. They can only say whether or not they want a casino or bingo saloon built on their land. Getting a license depends on how well you are liked by the council of your city or town.

Even though the law is the same everywhere in Poland, putting it into action and getting a license is not centralized. It is up to the ministers in charge of public finances to give out casino licenses or betting permits. However, it is up to local tax authorities to register slot machines, give raffle lottery permits, and collect gaming tax at the municipal level.

Gambling in places where it’s against the law

In Poland, it is against the law to gamble online. Private organizations only allow betting and lotteries to promote their business as forms of online gambling. Both need a permit ahead of time. Whether the gambling is happening inside or outside of Poland, only the state-run business is allowed to run.

If you gamble without permission in Poland, you could spend up to a year in jail. Players in Poland are also not allowed to participate in online games in other countries. The law says that both things are financial crimes, but it is much easier for law enforcement to go after the people who do them.

There is no particular agency in charge of regulating the gambling business in Poland. The minister in charge of public finances is in charge of the most important things related to gambling, like giving out licenses for casinos and betting. 14 The National Revenue Administration is an administrative body in charge of taxes and customs duties.

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