The main competition here is an Indian Premier League

Cricket went from a colonial game to India’s national sport. Today it’s the TOP rated sport among the bettors who want to turn their hobby into a source of real income. But also have to keep in mind the importance of conducting a preliminary analysis study of factors affecting match results here The main competition here is an Indian Premier League that will be held on March 26-29. All the participants of the competition are already known even though an actual schedule is not even published yet. That’s why bettors can carry out statistical analysis and evaluate the players’ current form.

This season IPL fans will see their favourite teams including current champion CSK and other strong rivals such as:

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Icon
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab Kings
  • Gujarat Titans

There is a need to recall that all the Cricket teams in this competition can be assembled by acquired players in one of the next ways: the yearly auction, by moving players from other teams (while the trading windows are open), or signing free replacement players. So every cricket player will sign the auction and set the base price, but the contract will be signed with the team that can offer the best bid. Sportsmen, who even after the finished auction wouldn’t have any contracts, will be registered as the free replacement players.

Understanding these features is just as important as learning the championship’s main rules. The bettor should remember that the standard Cricket team has up to 27 players, but also there is a limit for the foreign players (less than 9).

For example, the reigning champ – CSK team was already stated a full squad of players for the current competitive season. For sure, the news that all the high-class players (MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Moeen Ali, Ruturaj Gaikwad) stayed with the team was well received by the CSK supporters. But also needs to remember that all the released players will be put up for IPL 2022 mega auction that took place previously this year (February12-13).

After the statistics check it can be said that only one IPL team succeeded has won the competition three times. For sure, there are were lots of worthy opponents but still, only two more teams won twice. There is no need to explain that the most successful team due to the number of titles won is the Mumbai Indians. This exact team was the first-ever to play 200 Indian Premier League games.

But still, the Chennai Super Kings team still is the Indian Premier Leagues leader with the real legend – MS Dhoni (next captain of CSK in 2022) and the best IPL batsman – Suresh Raina.

Regarding the updated rules in Pro League, the competition’s format was stayed unchanged: there are 10 teams and each of them will play 14 games (7 home matches and 7 away matches). So there will be played 70 matches and four more playoffs’ meets. Every team will play two matches with 5 other rivals, and only one match with the remaining team (two home games and two away matches).

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