Things to Know While Choosing Feather Flags

Businesses may communicate with the audience in many different ways. You may use three-dimensional signboards, billboards, or even illuminated signage. However, more often than not, these are expensive or inappropriate for your store in terms of their design and size. If you use feather banners and flags instead, you could rest assured that your message will be noticed. Experts at Balance believe that a good brand always will deliver a message clearly and confirm its credibility. Feather banners and flags come in handy here.

Feather banners and flags are brilliant tools of marketing and promotion for your business yet they do not break the bank. They are versatile, eye-catching, and effective in conveying messages, making promos and announcements stand out particularly when they are strategically installed in high-traffic areas. They are best for the purpose since they can be easily installed and transported from one place to another without any hassle.

Feather advertising flags are best for both indoor and outdoor signage that could make your business space and brand look professional and trendy. Double-sided feather advertising flags are capable of attracting the audience’s attention to your product, event, sales promotion, or business. Here are a few things to keep in mind while investing in a feather flag for promoting your business.

Identify a Good Feather Flag

You should understand clearly the features of a good feather flag. Feather flags are indoor and outdoor signage. You should use a durable and weather-resistant fabric for your feather flag if you are planning to use it predominantly for outdoor use. Choose a polyester material and opt for a standing pole made of durable fiberglass or aluminum material. You may use a ground stake for placing it soundly in the ground.

Choose a feather flag made of UV-safe and waterproof polyester fabric so that it remains in pristine condition for a long time. They are the best choice for your marketing and branding campaign because they are compact, easy to install and move.

You may choose from convex, concave, and straight feather advertising flags depending on your specific requirements. Teardrop advertising flags are also called dewdrop flags and are best for round logos. They are the right choice if you are having very limited space for installing the flag. They are best for small cafes.

Choose the Right Size

You need to be careful while choosing the size of the flag. However, you must think practically and consider the location where the flag will be put up. If space is limited, it is best to stick to a smaller flag. Check out the dimensions of the flag carefully before ordering or buying one. Large feather advertising flags could be oversized for your purpose. Most businesses prefer the medium and small sizes.

Think Carefully while Opting for Double or Single-Sided

Many businesses opt for single-sided feather advertising flags because they do not wish to display an overdose of information. However, as per outdoor conditions, your flag may be facing the wrong side for some time. Hence, some businesses prefer to use double-sided flags that display printed messages on both sides of the flag. A whiteout liner is often used between the two sides. This may result in additional fabric weight issues. It is best to ensure that the poles are not stressed in the event of stronger winds. Use strong poles for safety. Heavy-duty glass fiber and carbon fiber could be used in combination for added strength and durability.


Bright and versatile feather banners and flags are best for your branding and promotion campaigns. Choose them with care for the best results.

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