What Cleaning and Caring Steps Do You Need to Take for Your Advertising Flags?

Advertising flags are one of the most critical statement markers for your business. Even though some narrow-minded business owners assume that promotional flags aren’t effective at attracting an audience, you should never follow in their footsteps. If you know how to use promotional flags properly, they will certainly prove useful for your company. 

Whether you use promotional flags in your storefront or at outdoor events and trade shows, they will help your company stand apart from the competitors. But since you will use these flags for outdoor activities most of the time, they will be exposed to various outdoor elements and weather conditions. Not taking proper precautions will allow these outdoor elements to affect the quality and lifespan of your promotional flags. 

Promotional flags are a one-time investment, and if you want to use them for a long time, here are the care and maintenance tips you need to keep in mind. 

Always Choose Fabric 

Even though you might want to save money by choosing promotional paper flags, the fabric will always prove a better option. But do you know why? This is because paper flags are fragile, and they will be damaged in strong wind. They are neither waterproof nor capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Since most of the promotional flags will be used in outdoor events and trade shows, you should choose the best customized flagsHere are some other benefits of choosing promotional fabric flags:

  • The promotional fabric flags can be folded while storing 
  • They are portable, lightweight, and durable
  • They are more visually attractive due to their size, texture, and color. 
  • You can print any graphics or images you want 

How Can You Protect Your Promotional Flags from Harsh Weather Conditions?

Wind and rain are two of the most devastating outdoor elements that will wreak havoc on your promotional flags. This is why you need to take them inside when it starts raining. Overexposing the promotional flags to water can affect the fibers. Additionally, the wind will also damage your flag beyond repair. In some cases, the heavy wind can even damage the pole, which will make your flag inaccessible. 

You also need to consider sun exposure. Just like human skin, the materials and fibers of the promotional flags are vulnerable to the UV rays of the sun. Sunlight can fade the color as well as the graphics printed on the promotional flags. As per LOC, UV rays are one of the most general reasons for color fading. When your promotional flags are being exposed to outdoor elements 24*7, make sure you consider cleaning them once a month. 

Cleaning the Custom Promotional Flags

The cleaning process you implement for your promotional flags will depend on the severity of the stain, the print method, and the substrate. You can choose the laundry cleaning option if your flag is printed through the dye-sublimation technique. You can also wash the flags in the washing machine with mild detergent and cool water. Do not use any harsh washing chemicals, as they will affect the structural integrity of the flags. 


These are the cleaning and caring steps you should take for your advertising flags. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you let us know. 


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