Those Wonderful One of Slot -Armed Bandits

Compare the slot figures with the following table games: At blackjack, playing about 80 hands per hour, a $25 basic-strategy player is expected to lose about $10 to $25 per hour; a $50 player between $20 and $50 per hour; and a $100 blackjack player between $40 and $100 per hour. A baccarat player making a combination of Bank and Player bets, playing 50 decisions per hour at $100 per hand, will be expected to lose between $60 and $70 per hour. A roulette player, playing 50 spins per hour, with a $25 average bet, is expected to lose about $66 per hour.

The casinos understand this completely. A $1 slot player makes more money for the casino than a $100 baccarat player, because unlike the table games, the machines don’t need to work eight-hour shifts, get into arguments with floor personnel, receive medical benefits, get sick days and vacation days, or have mood swings. Slot machines are cheap employees with rich people’s returns for the casinos’ minor investments. They cost the casino far less than table games. Especially with slot online type of machine, they are even higher.

And each year machines that aren’t working as well as other machines or that don’t seem to have the potential player interest of newer models coming off the line can be replaced without those awkward words: “Sorry, John, you’re fired!” Slot machines are relatively headache-free, as are slot players.

Casinos don’t even have to worry about advantage slot players taking their money, even when some progressive machines get into positive territory. You will learn about such machines in this book That is correct, you can become an advantage slot player (or close to it) if you follow the advice I’ll give you in these pages. Even with you winning money from the positive machines, it is still no big deal to the casinos because the machine is making the programmed amount of money for the casino over time despite occasionally being in a player-positive mode. If you are savvy and only play the advantage-play machines when they are in a positive mode, you could be a long-term winner at these specific slots. Not a bad situation at all.

There are many benefits to slot play for the player too. You don’t get game interference at the slot machines. Most other slot players don’t care whether you play one coin, two coins, three coins, or fifty coins or whether you are superstitious or happy or depressed or clinically insane. Most slot players exist in a world of their own; they are cocooned and only occasionally interrupted by the screams of some other slot player who has just won a big one and can’t keep from yelling her good fortune to the world. Slot players rejoice when other slot players win and then quickly go back to doing what they love to do-playing those machines.

While slot play is overwhelmingly the game of choice for both women and men, savvy slot aficionados recognize an interesting peculiarity in their slot-playing brethren. Slot players lose interest in all types of machines relatively quickly. They will play a given machine for a period of time and then abandon it. One slot player said, “I loved the Elvis machines, but I never won on them, so I quit playing them and moved on to Betty Boop machines.” And what happened? “I didn’t have much better luck on Betty, so I dumped her too.”

Like bad marriages, slot players and slot machines divorce rather often. Slot players are the Henry Vllls of casino gamers-always looking for the perfect match to have monetary offspring and never finding it. This is probably due to the fact that most slot players lose most of the time on all the machines. By switching machines so frequently, they hope to switch their luck Unfortunately, the machines are not programmed to increase the players’ luck They are programmed to increase the casinos’ bucks.

Casino executives know of the brittle relationship of slot player to slot machine, and that’s why each and every year you will note how many new machines make their way onto the casino floors. All casino gaming shows, such as G2E (Global Gaming Expo), are dominated by new machines. There may be no difference in payouts between Betty Boop machines and Shirley Temple machines, but they look different and sound different, and the slot player will jump from one to the other hoping they are actually different.

The first law of slot machines is “keep them coming,” because new machines will be tried by players. You will not see this same jumping around at table games. Craps players don’t abandon their favorite game because, whether they win or lose, they love the game of craps. Blackjack players are loyal as well. You will not see many new table games at gaming shows and, while some new table games have gotten a foothold in the casinos, compared to the number of new machines out there, the number of new table games is infinitesimal.

Still, the paybacks on slot machines make them tough sells. Most have edges over 5 percent (a loss of $5 for every $100 wagered), many have edges over 10 percent (a loss of $10 for every $100 wagered), and some have edges of over 15 percent (a loss of $15 for every $100 wagered). These are big edges to monstrous edges, and when combined with the high speeds with which slot players attack the machines, they add up to frequent and often large losses. Very few people will stay in a marriage where they are abused, and slot players don’t want to stay at machines that have been cuffing them around for any period of time. So on to the new machines they go with hope burning in their hearts. Slot players are like a country song called “I Keep Losing My Love, but I Never Give Up!” 

Of course, if slot payouts were really generous, say 99 .5 percent (the casino having a ½ percent edge in that case which is the approximate house edge against a basic-strategy player at blackjack), then the chance is fairly good that the slot player would stick with such a machine come hell, high water, or new slot inventories. Getting some kind of return on a gambling investment is the best way for casinos to keep their players playing. The second-best way is to offer new machines. The casinos prefer to offer new machines.

There is really no end in sight to the slot revolution that has taken place in the casinos. In 1984, in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas, the slots made more money than the table games for the first time, and their growth since then has been nothing short of phenomenal. While 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, most divorced people still want to get remarried. And slot players still want to play the machines even after they have divorced numerous previous machines. It’s the way of the slot world, the same in the judi slot online website.

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