Tips to enjoy wine better

Probably the most popular wine choice around the world is red wine. Red wines can be created in an endless variety of styles and blends due to the variety of flavors, blends, and combinations. Red wines have been created by humans for centuries, and they have experimented with their techniques to produce a variety of wines.

Here are some tips for drinking red wine

1. Examine the label

Taking a close look at a red wine bottle can reveal quite a lot, even if you are completely new to red wines. A vineyard owner will be able to tell you where its grapes are from if you visit a vineyard and try its offerings. In any case, if you plan to purchase wine from the store or at a restaurant and want to make the right choice, finding out where the wine originated is a good starting point.

2. Glassware

If you will be drinking red wine, choose the right glass before pouring yourself a taste. All red wines should be served in wide, rounded glasses.

Lighter reds work best if the glass is shorter, so the wine is closer to your nose. Stronger red wines are traditionally served in slightly taller glasses because they allow more space for the aromas to diffuse before reaching the nose.

3. Swirl and Pour

Pour a small amount into a glass after the wine has been decanted or allowed to breathe for a few minutes. Do this carefully.

Be sure to note the wine’s body as you pour it into your glass. Pay attention to these things:

  • Does it have a high viscosity or is it a bit thicker?
  • Is it coated when you pour it?
  • What does what you observed during the pour suggest about the taste of the wine?

Put the wine in the glass and give it a gentle swirl. Pay attention to the body and density of the red wine, and whether there are any solid bits floating in it. Nearly opaque wines generally come from warm climates and age for just a short period of time before release. When you swirl the wine, it will leave “legs” behind on the sides of the glass which can indicate how sweet or how much alcohol is in the wine.

4. Sniff a bit

Put your nose into the glass. Smell the aromas, and you will be able to identify the notes of your wine. Your nose should be as close as possible to the rim of the glass so you can detect the scent clearly.

5. Taste it

It is finally time for you to take a small sip. But hold on! Avoid swallowing the red wine immediately after you take it.

Take a few moments to let it float around in your mouth. When tasting a wine, you want to assess whether it has a lot of tannins or if it is sweet. There might also be some other unusual flavor in this particular red wine. What do you think about having the wine linger in your mouth a while after you’ve tasted it? Is it helpful to you to understand any notes you previously detected?

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