Tips you need to learn about wet and dry vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is a very essential device for getting rid of stubborn dirt that could otherwise be close to impossible to clean out manually.

This article will mainly focus on some of the factors that greatly determine the price at which you can get the vacuum cleaner you need.

You could be looking forward to purchasing a vacuum cleaner that would be handy in your cleaning activities. This could either be a dry or wet vacuum cleaner depending on your requirements. Various factors do affect the price of this device, and you must get to know these factors before settling for the best value for your money vacuum cleaner.

Power source

The source of power for the vacuum cleaner is a key factor that determines the price. Those operating on batteries are generally cheaper than corded ones. The ones running on batteries have also proven to be more reliable since they are easily portable than corded vacuum cleaners.

Motor strength

Wet or dry vacuum cleaners with a higher motor strength will automatically be more expensive than those with lower motor strength. High motor strength means easy and efficient cleaning. This is especially found in twin motored vacuum cleaners, which provide extra power for the brush and the vacuum as well.

Filtration system

Vacuum cleaners have either a proper filtration system or a reusable bag. This greatly determines the wet and dry vacuum cleaner price in Kenya. Machines equipped with an efficient filtration system ensure the durability of your device by filtering out dirt and dust that could potentially ruin your device. Those with multiple systems will therefore tend to be more expensive.

Type of material

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are either plastic in nature or made of stainless steel. Stainless steel means higher quality that gives a longer life span for your device. They will therefore tend to be more expensive as they are not prone to easy breakages and damages like the plastic ones. The plastic ones are however light, making them portable and easy to operate.

Additional cleaning tools

The extra cleaning tools like dust brushes and crevices come at a price. These tools prove to be very effective in your cleaning, making the process less tiresome, costly, or time-consuming. Due to the extra tools, one will be required to dig deeper into the pockets to earn the advantages that come with these extra apparatus.

Brand of the vacuum cleaner

Different brands of either wet or dry vacuum cleaners attract different prices due to the difference in the market influence of these brands. Highly popular brands will always tend to be slightly more expensive than less popular brands.


In sum, it is evident that various factors affect the price at which you are going to purchase your ideal vacuum cleaner. It is of importance that you get to understand these factors so that you easily weigh the value of the vacuum cleaner for which you are paying a certain price.


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