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To learn some points about followers on Instagram

With the changes in the Instagram algorithm and the multitude of users of this social network, it is more and more complicated to grow our accounts. So, if you want to get more exposure and get more free Instagram followers, read on to learn different ways to reach the audience you are looking for.

Get more Instagram followers with a full profile in your bio

First of all, you need to pay attention to the first impression your account can make on a person who finds you for the first time. Your feed is the first opportunity to make a good impression and encourage other Instagram users to hit the Follow button.

When someone visits your Instagram profile for the first time, they decide in seconds if they want to follow you or not. How does the user make this decision? Swipe to see your feed, read your bio, or click on your featured stories. This is why you need to have a good profile photo on Instagram, an effective bio that describes your account well, stories posted, and some cohesion in all of your posts. If you want to buy Instagram followers directly, that is still good.

Our first tip for creating an Instagram feed that meets these characteristics is to select 1 or 2 filters to always use them in each of your photos. This way you can be sure that all your photos follow the same line and you can also save time when editing them.

Use Instagram Stories Templates

If you post Stories often (something you should definitely do), it may be easier for you to use templates. This trick will help you make your stories more uniform and complement your feed postings by showing a harmonious image.

Submit your brand via featured Instagram Stories

Without a doubt, Featured Stories offer you the opportunity to reach new followers with your best content and show them cohesion in what you do. If you are not sure what to post in the featured Stories, think of them as if they were your website landing pages, that is, if you have an online store for example, you could create featured stories for dresses, shirts and shoes, another with frequently asked questions and another with information on shipping and exchange and returns policy.

Get more Instagram followers by using hashtags and location tags in your Stories

Did you know that Instagram Stories appears on the Instagram page of Instagram? This means that people who don’t even follow you can find you and see your stories, but for this you will need to use hashtags and location tags.

This is something that brands on Instagram hardly use, so if your goal is to get more followers, it’s time to start using these tools that the social network offers us. Or you can buy Instagram likes from some safe tools.

Share selfies or show your picture to get more followers

It is clear that Instagram, like Pinterest, is a visual social network and that people want to follow the accounts they feel related to, regardless of whether it’s a brand, influencer, or people they went to college with. Therefore, it is important that you as much as possible show the “human part” that is behind your account.

Did you know that photos where a face appears usually get 40% more likes on Instagram? People want to know who is behind the brand, sometimes we are even more interested in the brand or product, which is why influencers have also become brands in themselves.

Promote your Instagram content on other social networks to get more followers

Think about how your other social networks can bring your audience to your Instagram account. Sharing your Instagram content on other channels is a fairly easy way to drive your followers to your profile and it’s much easier for you to be followed by people who already know you than new ones who still don’t know anything about you.

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