Top 10 best glass and acrylic bongs

Looking for a best bong brand? Can we help you! Here is our list of the 10 best glass bongs and acrylic bongs, to suit all tastes and budgets!

Cannabis fans know that a good bong makes all the difference. Even with the best weed in the world, a cheap bong that makes you cough can really break the mood. That being said, it is not uncommon for new cannabis smokers to start with cheap bongs or bongs that are not at all suitable. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you get the best bang for your buck!


Before diving into the bongs, it’s always a good idea to recap the many benefits of this method of consumption. What is perhaps the main benefit, especially compared to the joints, is that a bong cools your smoke for a smoother feel. At the same time, you can also take much bigger puffs. Plus, all you need to do is fill the nozzle – no more tampering with rolling papers! Last but not least, many bongs look gorgeous and can make wonderful centerpieces on a living room table, sure to impress your friends.


There are many types of bongs available. They come in all sizes, from tiny to gigantic-sized bangs, which allow you to pull out monstrous puffs. They can also have all the fancy features you might (or not) need, like percolators or ice cube trays so you can cool your smoke even further. Bongs can be made from a variety of materials, but most are usually glass or acrylic.

Which type might be best for you will depend on your preferences, but also your budget?

The acrylic bongs are usually much cheaper than glass bongs. They are often more durable and might even survive a drop or two from your table. Acrylic bongs come in a variety of cool shapes and colors and tend to be easier to clean. But sometimes they can give the impression of not being of very good quality. The biggest downside with acrylic bongs is that they can give you a harder throat smoke than with a glass bong.

Even a simple but good quality glass bong without anything too fancy will give an impression of luxury and class and is sure to impress your guests. Besides looking classy, ​​glass bongs will also give out a smoother smoke than acrylic bongs. The biggest disadvantages of a glass bong are the higher price and slightly less durability. However, the latter problem can be alleviated with glass bongs made from super durable borosilicate.



The Canon Bong is far from being an ordinary bong. Its appearance is a real eye-catcher, and not just because of the many attractive colors in which it is available. This acrylic bong features a second cooling compartment on the top to give a super smooth smoke. The upper cooling compartment is also connected by pipes to the lower part, which gives the bong a unique and really alluring appearance. To clean it, you just need to disassemble the two parts. The barrel bong socket and shank are made of durable aluminum alloy. This bang measures 52 cm.


Of course, there’s never a better time to hit a socket than when the sirens go off and everyone rushes into the bunkers in the face of an impending alien attack. This is the perfect opportunity to put on your gas mask, turn on the bong, and place it in the mask opening. The upside isn’t just that it potentially scares off invaders from elsewhere: the mask also creates an airtight barrier around your face for ultra-strong puffs – no smoke is wasted. Remember to close your eyes, unless you really want to have red eyes. You can use the Gas Mask Bong with or without water.


The Clear Large Acrylic Bong doesn’t feature anything overly fancy other than, well, its massive size. And in itself, that might be all you need for monstrous puffs. It stands an impressive 52cm tall and sits securely on its rubber base. It takes a classic bong shape with a transparent straight tube that can accommodate 4 ice cubes, as well as a metal rod and socket. This acrylic bong is the perfect inexpensive alternative to a large glass bong!


The Double Ball Acrylic Bong may not be very +tall; in fact, it is even compact at just 26cm. But don’t let its size fool you. What sets this bong apart are its two spheres – the lower for water and the higher for swirling smoke, for enhanced cooling action. This bong has an extra-long drop shank which, like the small socket, is made of aluminum alloy.

Tip:If you want to take super big puffs, just remove the rubber from the air hole for a stronger air intake!


Most people don’t know that Einstein was a big fan of weed. It’s an exact replica of the bang that Einstein used to help him find the theory of relativity, a bang that he himself designed to take super-smooth puffs, so he could think without being interrupted by coughing attacks… Okay, we invented everything, except for super-sweet puffs, that’s quite true! On the other hand, it is believed that Einstein could have quite designed this bong, simply thanks to the ingenious way in which one can adjust the height from small (26cm) to large (40cm). Besides, he also looks extremely cool!


No matter if you are an erotic art lover, or if you like to see ingenious functionality in a smiley accessory, the Kneeling Woman Ceramic cheap bong might be of interest to you. Just light the metal socket and then place your mouth where you otherwise (probably) wouldn’t. This bong isn’t just a great gift for the birthdays of your in-laws; it’s also a fantastic conversation piece for your living room for sure!


The Straight Acrylic Bong in the classic straight style does not need gimmicky functions to convince you of its potential. It’s a fast, simple, and pure bong that has everything you need to pull out good old-fashioned sockets and comes in a number of cool colors, too. This bong is just the right size at 26cm and has a metal stem and socket. You can draw even bigger puffs by removing the rubber from the air hole.

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