Top 20 best gifts for people with one hand

It’s usually difficult to choose a gift for someone that you don’t really know and it’s even more difficult to select a gift for someone who has one hand. It’s difficult because most of the gifts you’ll find these days are usually suited for people with two hands. Are you having difficulty selecting a gift for your lover, a family member, or your child, who has one hand? If you are, then you are in luck because in today’s guide I’ll be telling 20 best gifts for people with one hand.

  1. Clipa2 The Instant Bag Hanger

This gift will come in handy in times when they visit the bar or cafe and they somewhere to hang their purse or bag, they’ll be able to use this lightweight keychain to hook the bag or purse to their hand. This nonslip device is capable of holding your bags from touching the floor and it still functions as a hook capable of latching your umbrella onto a bag.

  1. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

This amazing piece of device is perfect for people who always misplace their keys. That problem can easily be solved, all they have to do is to slap a tile on their keychain, so when they misplace their keys they won’t have to look for them anymore, they’ll just have to use the tile app on their phone to make the Bluetooth Tracker ring. The tile can also be used to locate their phones when they can’t remember where they placed them. For that, all they have to do would be to double click the button on the tile and it’ll make the phone send an audible alert.

  1. Omystyle Purse Organizer

This is another great product for one-handed people who usually have trouble unpacking their belongings from one bag to another which means they could easily misplace items while unpacking or transferring their stuff. This Purse Organizer, on the other hand, has a lot of pockets and slots, comes in a variety of sizes and it even has a zippered pouch that comes along with it which makes it easy for them to carry one purse that can contain everything.

  1. Butterup Knife

A one-handed person usually experiences difficulty in buttering their bread without needing the help of someone. That problem can be fixed with the butterup knife. The stainless steel knife has a wide blade and a built-in grater that enables the easy spreading of butter on bread.

  1. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

Cleaning up the house can be really stressful especially when you can’t use both hands that’s why giving your friend or loved one the Roomba robot vacuum will definitely put a smile on their face. They can schedule cleaning routines via Alexa or Google Assistant without having to touch the device and then allow the device to do the dirty work for them. The device can detect the dirty areas of the house and then work well on both hard floors and carpet.

  1. Petzl Tikkina Headlamp

This product is a rechargeable headlamp that’s available in four super cute colours. The headlamp will relieve of loved one or friend of the stress of having to hold a torch when they go out camping, which frees the hand to do other stuff.

  1. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

This is a portable coffee and espresso maker that’s loved by a lot of people due to its versatility and simplicity. The setup is very easy and once it has been set up, they can be used to make a variety of iced coffee, Americanos, etc., all in one vessel.

  1. W&P the Popper Microwave Bowl

Is your friend finding it difficult to hold and eat popcorn at the same time from a popcorn bag? Then, purchasing a W&P popper microwave bowl will go a long way in helping them during movie nights. For them to be able to enjoy their popcorn during those nights, all they have to do is throw some kernels into the silicone bowl put it in a microwave with the lid on. After a few minutes, their popcorn will be ready. When it’s ready, they can place the bowl on their personalized lap tray and then enjoy the popcorn while watching the movie. This gift is also great if you don’t want them to stress themselves in going to get popcorn outside when they need it.

  1. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces

Snickers are great to wear, they make us look trendy and classy. Everyone loves wearing sneakers but it’s usually a hassle to tie the shoelaces. If you can only use one hand, then it becomes an even bigger problem. How can you help your one-handed loved one wear their sneakers on their own without needing your help? Get them the Xpand No Tie Shoelaces. These elastic tension shoelaces can turn any sneaker into a slip-on making it easy for those times they want to just wear the sneakers and move off.

  1. Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

This is one super useful gift you can give to anyone. This device can stir any pot containing any low-heat liquid, simmering, etc., and they don’t have to stir the pot themselves. This means that when they are cooking they can focus on other things and leave the stirring to the device.

  1. Luminam Book Light

This is amazing tool is rechargeable, dimmable, doesn’t need to be held, and clips unto the book they want to read, e-reader, or table. Making it easy for them to read their favourite books in dark places.

  1. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

When you are one-handed, you’ll realize that it’s now harder for you to strain the water out of pasta alone. This product straps onto the top of bowls, pots, and pans which makes it easy for them to drain all the water in their pasta with one hand.

  1. Nonoji Pizza Scissor

Taking a piece of pizza with one hand isn’t easy, it’ll be much easier if only you cut the pizza before eating right? These are the types of thoughts that go through your mind when you are one-handed. This particular scissor was made to solve that problem. It can be used to cut not only pizza but pancakes, meat, produce, and other types of food.

  1. Eufy Smart Switch by Anker

This is an amazing gift for tech lovers. With this product, they can easily control the lights in their home using their smartphone or any Google or Alexa controlled device.

  1. Oster Cordless Electric Bottle Opener

When you are one-handed, it becomes difficult to open certain drinks and wines top the chart. This product can help them open over 30 bottles of those kinds of drinks from a single charge and it removes the cork in seconds.

  1. Twelve South Curve Laptop Stand

Holding your laptop with one hand and typing with the other is easy when you have two hands but if you are left with one, the same cannot be said of you. That’s why purchasing this product as a gift for your one-handed friend, lover, or child is great. It blends with any decoration and is used as a laptop stand.

  1. Petkit Mini Smart Feeder

If your one-handed friend has a pet they love so much, then getting them this product will save them the stress of feeding their pets even on busy days. With this product, they can automatically feed their pets with the push of a button on their app and they can also monitor their pet’s nutritional intake.

  1. EZ Off Jar Opener

This jar opener is usually placed underneath a table or cabinet and is used in opening jars. The great part is, it can all be done with one hand.

  1. Tribe Cell Phone Armband

This amazing product will help them hold their phones for them. Keeping their phones close to them and leaving their hand free from carrying the phone or to carry something else. It’s also great for jogging. Once it’s strapped to their hand, they won’t have to worry about the phone slipping from their hand.

  1. Jellas 2-Pack 32 Inch Grabber Reacher Tool

This product makes it easy for people with one hand to reach out and grab objects on the ground or shelf. The product can be seen as an extension of one’s arm or a second arm.

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