Top 2023 IPOs To Anticipate In India

Retail investors eagerly wait for lucrative IPOs as these bring with them the promises of significant returns. Before a company goes public, its shares are traded in the grey market. Usually, before the public offering, businesses with enormous potential to perform well become active in the unlisted market. You just need to know the right broker to invest in trending unlisted shares, and you can stay ahead of the race by investing before the IPO. 

However, after the company issues equity shares to the public, one can buy them on numerous stock broker websites and be a stakeholder in the company. With the growth of the enterprise, the values of these shares grow as well, and investors witness significant returns whenever they sell these unlisted shares. This is the perfect picture of a budding enterprise going from IPO to becoming a unicorn club member, given it stays on track with growth. 


Before an organisation can float an IPO, it needs approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The company usually files a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with the SEBI, an offer document containing the details and intentions of the IPO. The DRHP elaborates on the amount the enterprise is looking forward to raising and the purpose of the capital that would be used. The company can disclose the issue size and price later. After everything goes well and the organisation gets a green light from SEBI, it announces a date for the fundraising.

Upcoming IPO in India in 2023

The Indian stock market is hot right now, with top IPOs lined up over the year. As the stock exchange in India grows at a higher rate, new businesses fuel that fire and add to the total holding by retail investors.

2022 witnessed a slowdown in fundraising due to a volatile  market, and IPOs of companies like Ola Cabs and Oravel Stays were delayed. However, that will no longer be a problem in 2023, as many businesses have started this year with the intention of consolidation and expansion. Ahead of us in 2023 are these lucrative IPOs for retail investors listed below. 

Name Of The Organisation DRHP Filed On Issue Size (In Rs.) Number of Equity Shares
Northern Arc Capital Ltd 15 July 2021 3 billion 36,520,585
Penna Cement Industries Limited  May 14 2021 15.5 billion To be announced
Snapdeal  Dec 21 2021 12.5 billion 30,769,600
ESDS Software Solution Ltd  Sep 06 2021 3.22 2,15,25,000
Navi Technologies March 14 2022 33 billion To be announced
Popular Vehicles and Services  Aug 05 2021 1.5 billion 4,266,666
Medi Assist  May 12 2021 Estimated 10 billion 28,028,168
Gemini Edibles & Fats India ltd  Aug 09 2021 25 billion To be announced
Suraj Estate Developers  Mar 7 2022 5 billion To be announced
Nandan Terry  Dec 06 2021 2.55 billion To be announced
Go Airlines May 14 2021 36 billion To be announced
MobiKwik July 13 2021 19 billion To be announced
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Aug 02 2022 4.99 billion  To be announced
Ixigo(Le Travenues Technology Ltd) Aug 13 2021 16 billion To be announced
Keventer Agro Aug 10 2021 3.5 billion 10,767,664
FincareSmall Finance Bank Aug 8 2022 13.3 billion To be announced
PharmEasy Nov 11 2021 62.5 billion To be announced
Bajaj Energy Apr 08 2019 54.5 billion To be announced
OYO Rooms Nov 28 2022 84.3 billion To be announced
Droom Technology Limited Nov 18 2021 30 billion To be announced
Ola Cabs NA 150 billion To be announced
BYJU’s NA To be announced To be announced
Mamaearth Dec 30 2022 4 billion To be announced
boAt Jan 28 2022 20 billion To be announced
Tata Technologies March 13 2023 To be announced To be announced

Final Words

This summarises the list of trending IPOs anticipated in 2023. While the company may elaborate on the issue size or the number of shares, the stock price depends on the bidding. Companies like OYO Rooms (Oravel Stays Ltd) and (API Holdings Private Ltd) have been preparing for the IPO for a long time. Often the DRHP goes through rejections and amendments before approval from the regulatory body (SEBI); therefore, it can take some months to a few years before the company can organise an IPO. When the enterprises amend the DRHP, the issue size and the number of shares may change as well. 

Moreover, the competition during the public offering tends to be high for good companies due to the usual hype for their IPOs, not everyone ends up being able to invest in their stocks. Therefore retail investors like to buy stocks of the company when it is still unlisted. If you want to make investments that bring significant returns, don’t wait for the IPO and unlisted shares


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