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Combining convenience and technology, PDF file format makes handling electronic documents a breeze. It is one of the commonly used file formats due to its ease of use, including the way it can be transferred to other devices. Sharing files in this format usually do not reduce the quality of the elements (text and images) on it.

There are plenty of advantages of using PDF files, but some users are worried about editing them. Let’s face it – those who have used PDF in the past find it a challenge to make changes to this kind of file. For those who do not prefer using this format, an online converter will help change it to the more preferred type of file. Looking for a site that can offer pdf services and offer free online convertor? These top 3 PDF services are your best options.

From basic to advanced options, is one of the rising sites that offers comprehensive pdf tools. Some of the basic tools include but are not limited to merging, compressing, deleting, extracting, organizing, and splitting pdf files. For the advanced tools, some of them are OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and PDF conversion to other file formats. When choosing the conversion function, users can also change selected file formats to PDF. Just upload the file and the system will automatically recognize it if supported. There will also be an option to compress, edit, and modify before downloading the processed file.

PDF Converter

From the name itself, you’ll immediately know what this tool is for. The site promises to “convert pdf files online free in 3 clicks”.  The website has a clean and organized interface that makes pdf tools easier to access. Though the name highlights PDF conversion, basic functions like compress, split, merge, and basic OCR (Optical Character Recognition – conversion of image to text in PDF). If you prefer working offline, an option to download the desktop version with PDF Converter Elite. Downloading the software is free but functions will only be activated by purchasing a license. A single license is priced at US$99.95, with up to a 22% discount when buying 10 licenses in a single transaction.


Loving the use of PDF files? Here’s a website full of pdf tools for you to use. IlovePDF offers a simple interface on its website, similar to Aside from the basic functions, advanced tools like adding watermark and transforming PDF to PDF/A (An ISO- standardized version of PDF for long-term archiving – usually used for preserving the format for future use) is also available. Converting PDF is easy too, you’ll be able to see it easily from the site’s menu bar. They also offer a desktop and mobile app that works offline but may need a paid subscription for it to work. The cheapest premium subscription starts at US$4 per month which is billed annually. Free access has a limited number of functions available.

Looking for a reliable website offering PDF services can be difficult. With the rising number of online crimes, these three sites assure their users that they offer secure connections whenever their services are used. 

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