Top 5 Duties of The Human Resources Department

The human resources department is essential to the company’s management model. No matter the company’s hierarchy, having an HR department is a must. It also does not matter the number of layers in management and micro-management. If the company is large enough to have production, marketing, and sales departments, having an HR department is a must. 

The HR department may consist of more than two human resources managers for companies with many employees. For small businesses, even an outsourcing HR service might work well. 

This article will explicitly state the top seven duties of human resources managers and will highlight the importance of having an HR department. 

Recruit candidates

First and foremost, the HR department in the company is responsible for recruiting candidates. In an HR department, there can be a distinction between the tasks that each team member is responsible for. For instance, there could be recruiters and tech recruiters to specifically target developers, project managers, QA engineers, and product managers to travel them through the hiring process. 

The organization of the hiring process is also within their jurisdiction. They will need to contact the candidates, hold interviews, provide technical tests, and so on. Indeed, to keep all the information secure and accessible, your HR department might use HR applicant tracking for GovCon software, but, all in all, it is their main task to find and hire valuable employees for the company.  

Organize onboarding

As a continuation of the previous duty, your HR department is responsible for organizing smooth employee onboarding. Letting the new hires know about the company, the work ethic, team characteristics, and their main duties and responsibilities are also tasks to be completed by your HR managers. The least you can do is provide them with coworking space software to smoothly get the new hires to the work discipline and office culture of yours. 

Ensure safe environment

Another duty of your HR department is to ensure a safe and secure work environment for the employees. They need to show that they care about their employees’ health, both in physical and mental states. It is essential to pay attention to the needs of the employees and secure their well-being which is within the company’s powers. 

Prepare benefit package

As your HR department is responsible for hiring employees, so is putting together all the perks and benefits for them. As part of this process, they need to find reasonable HVAC contractor insurance packages for technicians and dental or full medical insurance for the other employees. 

The benefits package can include some other points, too, but providing insurance to your employees is a must. This is one of the top duties of your HR department. Besides that, your HR department can organize several events and team-building activities, and put together a cheerful video after checking the Splice review, thus keeping your employees motivated.

Confirm remuneration

Although the company heads provide the salary ranges, your HR department is the one that sets the wages for the employees during the hiring process. It is their duty together with the candidate to negotiate and confirm the remuneration that is mutually acceptable to both the company and the candidate. 


Having an HR team is essential for running several employee-related deals. Your HR department is the one to find candidates and organize the hiring process. The HR managers are also responsible for ensuring a smooth onboarding process, providing perks and benefits, and arranging salaries for new hires. With all these duties, having a professional team of HR managers can start business operations smoothly. 

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