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Top 7 Wooden Floor Tile Designs For Living Room

The wooden floor tiles, with their rich, natural tones and intricate grain patterns, create a sense of timeless beauty and elegance. The smooth surface of the tiles adds a touch of sophistication while still providing a comforting and cosy atmosphere in the living room.

Whether you use neutral colours like beige, white and forest green, or use flashy popup colours like red, olive green, blue, etc., the wooden floor tiles seamlessly blend with the overall design aesthetic of the room.

Modern glazed vitrified tiles give you a sturdy, stress-free and virtually maintenance-free solution for almost all types of wooden floor tiles. Here are seven types of wooden tile designs you can decorate your living room with:

  1. Wood Planks Dark

Darker wooden floor tiles are best suited for a living room that exudes calm and brings focus to the elements within. Dark wooden tiles include designs based on camwood, Egyptian Almond, poplar, and Merbau, and are available in colours like sepia, coffee, and black.

Use contrasting furniture, rugs, tapestry, and other décor materials to bring in the balance. Lighting plays an important role in bringing the full visual effect of dark wooden pattern tiles.

Use warm LED lights for extending the looks at night.

  2. Wood Plank Tiles Light

Lighter-colored wooden floor tiles that mimic the colour and patterns of pinewood, oak, Namibian Beige colour plank, maple wood, Nigerian wood, etc., can highlight the room instead of the elements within it.

These lighter-coloured wooden floor tile planks can be your choice even when you cannot decide on a final colour scheme. These colours go well with almost all other colours and design possibilities.

The lighter colour also allows you to brighten up the room with low levels of natural lighting.

  3. Designer Wooden Tiles (Elvia, Rio)

Designer wooden tiles are wooden plank tiles of 120x20cm that feature subtle design textures on the wooden pattern. You can mix these wooden floor tiles for adding detail and character to your floor designs.

H&R Johnson, one of the largest ceramic and vitrified tile producers in India, offers Elvia and Rio Wood Décor tiles under this category. Both are GVT planks and offer a stain-free and durable surface for your living room.

  4. Special Colours for Wooden Floor Tiles

Special colour wooden tiles feature colours not common with natural wood. For example, wine red, lime-washed wood, coast wood, etc. The special colours can help you bring a unique angle to your living room interior. For instance, wine redwood is commonly used in designs for professional spaces and traditional luxury homes.

Similarly, lime-washed and coastal wood designs are suitable for spaces with naked brick or concrete walls.

  5. Large Lumber Wood Tiles

Wooden tiles are typically available in plank shapes, but you can also get square and large slab wooden tiles. H&R Johnson offers wooden glazed vitrified tiles in 60x60cm and 120x60cm sizes as well. These large format tiles can cover your living room floor with lumber board-like tiles.

These tiles also offer several wood colours on the dark-to-light spectrum and a matte finish surface resembling natural wood grains. Living room floors using these tiles avoid glare and provide safety for users along with the natural warmth and calming appearance.

  6. Stacked Wood Tiles

Stacked wood tiles are those tiles that feature a certain formation of wood planks or blocks. Unlike the uni-structural tiles that mimic the appearance of a single type of wood, stacked wood tiles can feature multiple types of wood in a single tile or a combination of smaller tiles of the same wood.

The tiles can feature wood blocks stacked vertically or horizontally (along the length), and tile installation can continue the pattern on a larger scale.

  7. Ceramic Tiles with Wooden Designs

Ceramic tiles also feature several wood designs with plain wood features and creative patterns with wooden textures. Available in matt and polished finish, you can use these tiles to give your living room floor a unique makeover.

The best part with these tiles is, perhaps, the ease of installation, as you don’t need to cut and fit individual pieces onsite. Simply install the square tiles on the floor with little adjustments where necessary, and your beautiful floor pattern is ready.

Wooden Floor Tiles More than Just Aesthetics

You can carefully curate the colour palette of your living room to complement the warm hues of the wooden tiles. Using wooden tile designs on the living room floor creates a captivating space that combines the timeless beauty of wood with the durability and ease of maintenance of tiles.

Unlike natural wood flooring, wooden tiles are highly durable and resistant to wear, scratches, and moisture. They are easier to maintain and clean compared to real wood floors, as they don’t require special treatments or refinishing. Regular sweeping and mopping are usually sufficient to keep them looking their best.

Because of their strong body and durability, wooden tiles offer a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood flooring. They provide the look of real wood at a lower price point, making them more budget-friendly while still delivering the desired aesthetic.

The wooden floor tiles in the living room serve as the foundation for the overall design, adding a touch of natural elegance and character. Whether hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet evenings, this living room with its beautiful wooden floor tiles creates a cosy, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all who enter.

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