Top 8 Reasons for learning Quran online in 2021

Online Quran learning has become popular, especially after COVID-19, to facilitate Muslims. Due to Coronavirus, most Quran Madrassas and Islamic centers are closed in most countries, and Muslims become devoid of Quran learning. But technology made it possible to learn Quran online at home for everyone.

People, especially in non-Muslim countries, prefer online Quran learning. Why? If you’re still unsure about the importance of online Quran classes in such pandemic conditions, then keep reading! In this blog, I’ll shed light on essential aspects of online Quran learning. Here are eight reasons for learning Quran online.

1. Safety from Corona

Online Quran classes provide safety and protection from Coronavirus. Students learn Quran in their own home and don’t interact like in a physical classroom. As we know, “Stay home, Stay Safe.” But Quran learning is also essential. Therefore, Muslims hence can take online Quran classes to stay at home and continue their Quran lessons. , it helps students to be safe from these pandemic diseases.

2. Timing flexibility

One of the plus junctures of online Quran classes is that it provides schedule flexibility to students. Students can learn at their available time. Online Quran Academy gives 24/7 accessibility to choose a class time that’s convenient for students.

3. Save money

In comparison to regional Islamic centers, online Quran classes save money by providing affordable fee charges. In addition to fee charges, it also benefits people to avoid extra expenses like textbooks fees, transportation fees, and other Madrassa expenses. At the same time, online learning doesn’t demand such quirks.

4. One-on-one classes

Another opportunity for online Quran classes is one-on-one Quran classes online in which student gets individual attention from Quran tutor. With 24/7 online support, students can ask and clear any confusion directly to their online Quran teacher.

5. Native and experienced teachers

As we know the language of the Queen in Arabic, it would be best for Muslims to learn Quran from an Arab Quran tutor who can teach pronunciation of Arabic letters with a 100% Arabic accent. Online Quran Academy has a wide variety of Quran teachers from different countries. If there’s a native language problem, don’t worry because teachers who can speak English, Arabic, and Urdu are also available for online Quran learning.

6. 24/7hrs online support

Online Quran classes provide 24/7hrs online accessibility to interact directly with instructors. Students can ask any questions related to Quran lesson online to their teacher or any representative. If students are not satisfied with any teacher, he has full opportunity to claim for him.

7. Report to parents

Every parent needs to get a report of their kid’s performance in Quran study from their teacher. Parents don’t go there to get reports in physical Quran classes because some of them are busy due to their job or another daily bush routine. While online, Quran Academy provides monthly online reports of student’s performance in learning the Quran to their parents sitting at home.

8. Recorded lectures

In online Quran learning, students can also record their live Quran classes to listen to it again. Recorded lectures help the students to revise and practice the Quran lesson again and again. Besides, parents can also check out these recorded lectures to see the execution of their kids during Quran class.

Sum Up

The main them for writing this article is that online Quran classes benefit more than physical classes. People after Coronavirus move further toward online Quran classes due to the reasons mentioned above. You can also join the online Quran Academy to learn Quran online and read Quran with a 100% proper Arabic accent.

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