Top Reasons to Buy the Toyota Prado in Australia

The Toyota Prado remains one of the most popular choices in the SUV segment for Australians, but what is the secret to its popularity? Should you be looking to buy a Toyota Prado in Australia? We have the answers to those questions here in our detailed look at the latest Toyota Prado and the reasons why you should be buying it. The Toyota Prado has redefined the SUV segment in Australia and has set the standard for all future SUVs in the country in many ways.

The Toyota Prado remains the top-selling vehicle in its segment, and that has been the case over the past decade. It has outsold its competitors by a considerable margin and continues to feature high on SUV lists. The latest design and features of the Toyota Prado tell a story in itself as the old giant of the SUV industry has made its intentions clear: it won’t be going anywhere else. If you are looking for a new SUV, here are some of the top reasons to buy the Toyota Prado in Australia.

Excellent Value for Money

Toyota Prado owners have all claimed that they bought the SUV because it offered excellent value for money to them. Even though the Prado may seem expensive at first glance, it offers excellent value when you look at the variants and the features it offers you. It has remained one step ahead of its competitors by consistently offering more equipment, a powerful engine, and new amenities every year.

It’s not only new buyers who are fond of the Toyota Prado, it has dominated the used car market as well. Another reason for its popularity is that it is one of the most affordable SUVs when it comes to scheduled servicing, even though Toyota’s require more frequent servicing. Toyota also has one of the most extensive dealer networks in Australia, which works in its favour.

4WD Capability

If you are someone who loves off-roading and going into the bush, the Toyota Prado is an exceptional vehicle. It is built tough and comes with a sophisticated 4WD system. However, it will require accessories and modifications if you want it to handle tougher bush work. Any seasoned car expert will tell you that when push comes to shove, you will want to be driving the Toyota Prado.

The Toyota Prado also offers another distinct advantage —it provides the biggest fuel capacity in its segment at 150 litres. Hence, you can drive for 1500kms before needing to refuel. Even though the Toyota Prado is an excellent choice for off-roading, most people still purchase it for driving in the city, due to its smooth drive and handling.

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There are cheaper SUV wagons than the Toyota Prado with modern features and amenities, but the Toyota Prado has the right mix of price, versatility, and features. When you add in the credibility of the Toyota badge, you get an all-around SUV that remains one of the best sellers in the SUV segment in Australia.

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