Understanding Instant Game Bonuses: Definition, Purpose, Types and Tips

Instant casino bonuses are a real jackpot, as you can wager on your favorite games without risking your bankroll. Bonuses like these aim to allow players to try out a casino’s new features or services without putting their money on the line and to find new ways to boost their bankroll. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of what exactly an instant casino bonus is, how it works, the types that exist, and where you can find one. So buckle up and hold tight!

What Is an Instant Casino Bonus?

An instant casino bonus, also known as a first deposit bonus, is a bonus fund offered to players in return for a deposit. Bonuses like these are quite convenient as you don’t need to download software or an app, but can directly access them through the web browser.

With advances taking place within the technological and gambling industries, players no longer need to download any files or software to play any of their favorite games; but can now enjoy high-quality games directly from the casino’s official site. 88cric, the best online casino in India, has proved to be a massive hit among the Indian audience. Online casino sites like these ensure their platforms are filled with bonuses and rewards, especially during seasonal events. Make sure to browse regularly through them, to find something opportunistic. 

The welcome bonus is the common name for instant casino bonuses and they are made available only when a first deposit takes place. One should not underestimate its worth; these bonuses are far superior to any of their kind, providing a value 10 times the initial deposit. As discussed in the introduction, instant bonuses aim to give you a tour around the site without driving a hole through your pocket. You can also use the bonus to your advantage and swell up your bankroll. 

Read the terms before claiming an instant bonus, to avoid any future disappointments, if any unexpected turn of events takes place. These bonuses are not as strict as VIP or cash-back bonuses, which go through specific wagering requirements before withdrawal takes place. 

How does a Casino Instant Bonus work?

Casino Instant bonuses can be used for a variety of purposes such as a deposit, reload, or a reward for offers and promotions. It can be a great way to experience some or all casino games.

Once you make a deposit, an instant casino bonus will be credited to your account. The amount will make up a certain percentage of your bonus package with the deposit forming the remainder.

Types of Instant Casino Bonuses for Instant Play 

Match Bonuses: The name is self-explanatory and suggests that for a deposit made, the casino will match the amount and double it. For example: If you have signed up on the 88cric online casino and deposited INR 500, the platform will confirm your deposit and offer you a bonus worth the amount, which is INR 500. Summing up the bonus package to INR 1000.

No Deposit Bonuses: These bonuses are quite the catch, as they are offered without even initiating a deposit. They are sign-up incentives and do not cost a penny. As soon as you register on the platform, the bonus amount will be credited to your account.

No Deposit-Free Spins: Besides no deposit bonuses, you also receive free spins on selected games on signing up.  The number of free spins might depend on the casino, therefore, read the terms and conditions of a website before signing up. These No Deposit-Free Spins act as an incentive to attract new players to these online casinos.

Things to keep in mind when searching for instant casino bonus codes

Bonus codes can change frequently: Bonus codes might change frequently, every day, every week, or depending on the occasion. Check the official sites for code changes or if you have an app turn on the notifications. 

Not all casinos are created equal: Make sure to choose a website that is legal and reputable. Check its license and make sure it’s authentic. To confirm the site’s claims, go through reviews and ratings posted on genuine review sites. 

Read terms and conditions before claiming an instant bonus: Before you claim any bonus, make sure you understand the terms and conditions. This includes things like the wagering requirements, the maximum cashout amount, and the games that the bonus can be used on.

The terms and conditions of an online casino site should be read thoroughly and carefully before you move forward to register on it. Some of the most important things that should be clarified are the site’s wagering requirements, the maximum cashout amount, and the games that the bonus can be used on.

Gamble responsibly when using an instant bonus: Responsible gambling is not an option but is essential in every player’s gaming habits. One must not neglect to stick to a budget and chase after hopeless losses.  If you’re feeling like you’re gambling too much, take a break.


Instant casino bonuses are very popular among players as you can try out a variety of games and slots before deciding on one you prefer. As you venture out for them, be careful of any fraudulent activities taking place. Since the casino industry deals mostly in the financial aspect, we advise you to choose a reliable and efficient site that fulfills both the security and entertaining aspects of gambling. 

One of the most recommended sites in India is 88cric Casino. The platform inculcates the use of modern technology and methods to keep user data secure and from falling into the wrong hands. You will also be impressed with its instant casino bonuses that are hugely advantageous to players, especially to beginners who need a kickstart. To learn more about 88cric feel free to use the link and register to claim your instant bonus now!!

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