What jewelry do women wear at 30?

On the horizon of their thirties, women dress and think differently. Their desires evolve, and their tastes too. To be sure to please a 30-year-old woman , atelier de famille helps you select quality jewelry that meets her desires. Here’s an overview of the accessories that women in their thirties like to wear.

Navigating through the myriad of jewelry options for women in their 30s, there’s a noticeable gravitation towards pieces that offer a blend of timeless elegance and a distinctive character that elevates their style. In the pursuit of something truly special and symbolic, pink diamond rings have emerged as a choice par excellence for this discerning demographic. By exploring Rare Colors, one encounters a world where the unique allure and intrinsic beauty of pink diamonds are celebrated through meticulously crafted rings. These pieces, each embedded with a story of rarity and enchantment, seamlessly align with the sophisticated, evolving aesthetics of women who seek to intertwine their persona with jewelry that’s both captivating and meaningfully exclusive.

Why don’t we wear the same jewelry according to our ages?

It escapes no one: little girls, mature women and grandmothers choose different jewellery. The youngest generally appreciate colorful jewelry, charms and pendants taking on pretty shapes. Grandmothers tend to wear symbolic jewelry, sometimes religious, which reminds them of people dear to their hearts.

This is not surprising. Throughout our lives, we change, evolve, and desire different things. As their style asserts itself, women turn to necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that reflect their desires and their state of mind. 

The question therefore arises: what jewelry do women wear at 30?

Without wanting to generalize too much, in our thirties, we often appreciate quality materials that keep for a long time. Indeed, children, teenagers and young girls like to change their adornment regularly, and do not always worry much about the quality of the jewelry. At 30 , things are different: now, noble materials and fine jewelry are in order.

Thus, to please an adult woman, it is essential to turn to durable and unique accessories. Follow the guide to discover our suggestions!

Selection of silver jewelry for a 30 year old woman

Sterling silver is very popular with women, who love the luminous shine it brings to clothing. Discover below a selection of silver Wholesale Jewelry that is sure to please women in their thirties.

925 silver women’s necklaces

The small flat medallion necklace on a solid silver beaded chain is a wonderful gift idea for those in their thirties. Simple and chic, it includes a small flat medal customizable using engravings which is mounted on a superb beaded chain. As elegant as it is discreet, this jewel can be worn on all occasions.

Solid silver bracelets

Opt for simplicity and elegance with the smooth and hammered 3-row solid silver bangle . This bracelet consists of 3 rods: two smooth, and one hammered in the center. Made in france, the jewel hosts an engraving on its back, in order to have sweet little words written there.

Wearing silver earrings

Brighten up your outfit with the sun and brilliant sterling silver earrings from Decorated with a superb white zyrconium in their center, they bring a luminous touch to any look. Also, they go great with pretty dresses and give you a glowing complexion.

Women’s silver rings

At 30, you want to wear pretty rings on your fingers. No more rings that lose their colors and shine; now what we are looking for is durability.

Discover the superb toi & moi hammered sterling silver ring , which is as romantic as it is resistant. Modern and trendy, its hammered silver has a remarkable shine. This is a one-size-fits-all model that is able to fit all fingers, making it a perfect gift idea.

Gold plated jewelry for a 30 year old woman

At 30, gold is a safe bet. Wearing gold-plated jewelry gives a precious and chic side to a look, and enhances the beauty of the wearer. Zoom on a selection of gold-plated jewelry that appeal to 30-year-old women.

Gold plated women’s necklaces

Poetry and simplicity combine wonderfully with the nude medallion necklace on a beaded cable chain and fine stone . Chic and original, it consists of a nude medallion with an irregular outline and a precious stone – to choose from a long list – mounted on a beaded chain. The necklace is available in different lengths, and can therefore take the form of a choker or a long necklace, according to your desires. Here you can find modern gold necklace designs for women.

Golden bracelets

Bet on originality with the athena gold-plated iridescent chevron weaving bangle bracelet . Made in france, it consists of a 3 micron gold-plated bangle interwoven with a colored link made of silk and nylon. Thanks to its adjustable clasp, it fits all wrists. Subtly iridescent, this colorful and chic accessory is woven by hand.

Shiny earrings

Let yourself be tempted by our mini hammered round earrings and gold-plated ring . Very trendy, their round lines give them a harmonious appearance. Easy to wear, they enhance the beauty of the face with their sleek design and sparkling color.

Wear a gold plated ring

Difficult to find more chic and pure than gold plated rings. Fall for the rose gold plated rhinestone ears ring , which wonderfully dresses the fingers. Its shape of ears of corn and its brilliants make it an exceptional romantic accessory. Based on rose gold plating , this is a wonderful gift idea that will fill the recipient with joy.

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