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What should you be thinking to Boost Your Social Media Marketing?

Social media presence has become an inseparable part of marketing these days. In the days of yore, the sole method of marketing was through TV’s and posters. However, those days are gone and social media has supplanted conventional ways of marketing. Social media serves as a platform to connect with people.

For brands, it is the platform for initiating a two-way conversation with the customers, knowing them and ultimately marketing your services to them. Not only does this help in making a sale, but it also helps in developing your brand with the masses and people start to trust your brand and get attached to it.

To reap the maximum benefits of a social media presence, brands hire social media managers and content creators. Since social media marketing has become such a crucial facet of marketing, it cannot be taken casually. Carley Creative Concepts is one such brand that has built a reputation in managing the social media marketing campaigns of brands.

They have a history of bringing more than 100,000 views on Pinterest per month and 2,500 connections on LinkedIn in a month. If you are considering hiring the services of a social media manager, Carley Creative Concepts is the way to go.

Points of introspection before jumping into social media marketing

1- What are your goals?

It would be a futile exercise to jump into social media marketing without estimating your goals and expectations. For instance, you must decide that whether you want to make a sale through a blog, a social media campaign or you want to increase the online presence and build your brand image. All of these goals will have a different approach towards the goal.

You should also set a metric of success. You can choose the number of likes as the data which would reveal the success or failure of your marketing campaign.

2- What is the ideal platform for your campaign?

Choosing the right platform is a very crucial part of social media marketing. You must have a deep understanding of your consumer base. For instance, Instagram holds the biggest chunk of the teenage population; Twitter on the other hand comprises more intellectual and mature people.

3- What will be your content strategy?

These days, a very popularly used and successful content strategy is focussing on the burning social issues or on those issues which lie in the interest of the greater good. This attaches the image of your brand around the whole issue and you can easily reap the benefit of marketing when the topic is being talked upon.

You can also raise issues that enkindle debates in society. Your content must be sharable and catchy so that it sticks around and stays relevant.

4- Can you talk with the audience in real-time?

It would be a misconception to think that social media marketing is a one-way street. One of the major reasons for the success of social media is that it allows everyone to put their opinion on the table and gives them the satisfaction of being heard. Following the suit, social media marketing would also involve talking with the clients.


Social media has become omnipotent and omnipresent. It is very essential that you as a brand incorporate it in your mainstream marketing campaign.

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