What To Know in Organizing Online Concerts in 2021?

A few years ago, any event, most especially music events, were held at physical venues with a physical audience and everyone had a good time vibing and interacting together. Artists could relate with their fans on a personal level. For a fact online concerts have been existing for a long time now, but didn’t really gain popularity until the lockdown and social distancing period. Gigs and events got cancelled and there was no way for artists and fans to connect except through the internet. Musicians had to get creative real quick or risk losing their audience. Now in 2021, livestream of concerts have become the vogue and are sometimes preferred over physical live shows. 

Online Concerts have the advantage of being more convenient, not requiring much movement and being able to reach a larger audience. They’re also cost effective with no need to rent out a large space, or get high profile security. You can even have hybrid concerts where there’s both the physical venue and livestreaming.

If you are thinking of hosting your own virtual concert in 2021 and beyond, the rules are very much the same with live events. Here are a few tips from show4me on how to organize one:

Select an Online Platform

A virtual concert requires a virtual platform for hosting. There are a lot of options to choose from ranging from social media livestreams that offer the basic features to more tailored livestream platforms that include unique features to enable you, the artist, give your fans the best experience. Some factors to consider when selecting a platform are accessibility of the site, and ease of navigation. You will also want to consider the features they offer and the technical support you can get. 

Musicians can host their concerts on show4me, which allows them access to special features such as ticketing and an expert technical support team.

Pick a Venue and Set your Stage

It’s not a live show but you still need a place to perform from and it has to look good. You don’t need an elaborate space like the Hollywood bowl (unless there’s going to be a live audience). You can even host from your living room if aiming for a more intimate online concert with your audience, or you can pay for a small music studio somewhere nice and comfortable. What is essential here is your comfort, space to set up your equipment and your budget too.

You also need to set up a stage, a podium can suffice, and ensure that it is well decorated and lighted to create the ambience of a live concert. 

Set a Time and Date

You need to pick a time when you’re certain that your fans and audience are going to be available. The lockdown is over and most people have returned back to work. You might want to consider scheduling your online concert as a night event or a weekend concert when people are likely to have more time to stream your concert live. Remember, there’s no online concert if there is no audience to watch it.

Get Your Equipment Ready

Another advantage of a virtual concert is you don’t need too many pricey equipment. You can make do with what you have, just ensure that they are capable of producing high quality visuals and sound. You can check out our checklist of gadgets you’ll be needing. You also need to ensure that all gadgets are in top working condition before the event day. You certainly don’t want to wait till day zero to find out the microphone doesn’t work or there’s poor internet, test all gadgets!

Create Awareness

You know your audience, now let them know about your show. It’s 2021 already, people can now attend events though not as much as before, you need to create a catchy campaign that can guarantee you a large audience online as much as physically. Create awareness on social media, your Facebook or Twitter, make graphics inviting people to watch your livestream, create an email list, create a web page or fan page through which you can get people to know about your show. You can even do a show campaign on show4me! 


Just like in a real live show, you can ticket your online concert as well. Consider what you want the ticket policy to be. Livestreaming on show4me allows you the special ticketing feature where you can sell tickets to fans even on pre-order basis before the time of the show has been set. You can even create different ticket packages to include various benefits such as shout-outs that bring you closer to your fans.

Live shows are on now, but we all know that online concerts are here to stay as well. Here at show4me, we have an expert team that is ready to assist you in the process of organizing your own show, so go plan your concert and connect with your fans now!

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