What you need to know about sollatek avs 30

Insecure voltage can cause your electrical devices to fail. According to recent research, power surges cause over 26 billion dollars in annual losses. Furthermore, they are the primary cause of business downtime. They also account for more than 60% of all power problems.

However, you do not need to be concerned because sollatek avs 30 has a solution. This article will go over the sollatek avs 30 and its effectiveness in depth.

Sollatek avs is automatic voltage switcher rated 30 Amps. It is used to switch off devices connected if the main power exceeds the set limit and reconnect when the power returns to normal. Re-connection starts after a start-up delay to make the main power stable. Additionally, this start-up delay protects the main from power back surges after the resumption of cut-situation power.

They protect expensive pumps against voltage, over-voltage, power back surges, and spikes.

Core functions

  • They prolong and protect electrical appliances making them last longer.
  • They save the need to switch off devices every time electric power fails.
  • They safeguard electrical devices every time at all costs.
  • The prevent loss of neutral.


  • It has a nominal voltage of 110/230V.
  • It has a watt of 3300/7200.
  • Their frequency is 50/60 Amps.
  • They have both over-voltage reconnect and disconnect.
  • They have an inrush of 110Amps.
  • They weigh 500gm.
  • Their wait time ranges from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

Sollatek avs 30 price

Sollatek avs 30 price in Kenya varies according to its quality. Depending on the size of your device, it offers a suitable range to choose from. It also provides power protection for even the smallest pieces of equipment. It provides guaranteed service to both large and small equipment and is thus an essential piece of equipment owned by anyone with electric equipment.

Advantages of Sollatekavs 30

  • Sollatekavs 30 protect electrical equipment against power disturbances. It, in return, saves the owner the cost of buying new equipment now and then as the price of electronics is high.
  • As the equipment is being protected from destruction by power, its effectiveness is enhanced. It enables it to perform its work effectively and accurately, providing the best results.
  • Sollatekavs 30 save time and energy wasted as one moves up and down to switch off equipment when there is a power problem. It also protects the equipment from any immediate damage incurred if left to the power.
  • Sollatekavs 30 is a solution to economic loss incurred when power surges occur. With this, the National Gross Product of the economy is kept stable, and the money is used for other benefits.

Disadvantages of Sollatekavs 30

  • Despite its low cost, some people may be unable to afford it. Its benefits are thus enjoyed by the capable minority.


Sollatekavs 30 are relevant for air conditioners, large freezers and fridges, office equipment, and complete circuits.


This knowledge is essential for everyone owning an electric device and would like to protect it against power surges. It is therefore wise to invest in one.

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