Advantages Of Gaining The Reputable CompTIA Network+ Certification

One of the most common questions that individuals ask when they explore the requirements for Security+ Premium is whether it is worth the effort. If you are confronted with this question and don’t know the answer yet, then this article will come with clear answers to help you make this serious decision.

First of all, you should know that the Network+ certification will help you become skilled in configuring, managing, and troubleshooting networks. It is definitely a worthwhile investment in your professional future as it was launched by a reputable vendor, with solid international recognition. Therefore, it helps you grow your visibility and convince recruiters that you are competent in the networking domain. Moreover, once you convince them of your value, new opportunities will open for you. So, continue reading to learn more about the advantages that the CompTIA Network+ designation can bring for your career.

  • Leverage Your Skills In The Networking Field

To begin with, the 220-1001 Premium can be gained only after passing one exam, coded as N10-007. Referring to the information included in its blueprint, this exam will help you prove your competence in the following topics:

  • Network implementation and design;
  • Virtualized networks creation;
  • Network device maintenance, management, and configuration;
  • Segmentation of network traffic and reliability with the help of routers, switches, and other devices;
  • Determination of effective solutions to network problems;
  • Identification of the strong points and flaws of the networks used by the business at the moment;
  • Implementation of various network security protocols and standards

Meanwhile, you should realize that apart from improving your competence in networking concepts, you will benefit from other advantages once you add the Network+ certification to your resume.

  • Ability To Make A Good First Impression

When you go to a job interview, the first impression will determine whether or not you get the desired job. Also, before they will know you, the recruiters will first check your resume. In this case, the 220-1002 Premium will differentiate you from other candidates as it represents one of the industry’s highest standards in networking. In addition, passing the N10-007 is a synonym to advanced expertise in the chosen field for the recruiters. To add more, hiring managers trust this accreditation vendor and they will focus less on checking your knowledge as it has been already validated by CompTIA.

  • Reason To Expect Generous Salary Offers

The Network+ certification helps you put your best foot forward. As this is a prestigious designation, you will become a valuable asset to your company. Therefore, in case you don’t plan to change your workplace, you have a high chance to get a raise or a performance bonus that will keep you motivated. Meanwhile, in case you go for a job interview, you can negotiate a higher salary than the market’s average as your networking skills are officially proved and you deserve to be compensated for your efforts. What is more, the Fundamental will make the negotiation process smoother and you will have increased chances to get what you want.


As a result, the VCE is a great start for your networking career. This designation process is very elaborate, offering you the opportunity to become an expert in this area. In addition, you will have a serious advantage over any non-certified competitor. Thus, you can negotiate a better salary with your hiring manager and will benefit from a consolidated position within the company. So, no more waiting!

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