What You Should Avoid When Fighting for Child Custody in UAE

If you are currently petitioning for a divorce in UAE and you have children, local Sharia courts are going to decide on the physical placement and legal custody of the kids. With child custody battles in UAE, there are two different critical legal decisions that have to be made. The legal custody will determine the major decision maker for the children; while the physical placement will determine the way, parents share the children’s time. It is possible for UAE residents’ kids who are in the country to split their time with you as their parent.

For UAE nationals and UAE residents alike, a judge will assess various things in a divorce case. Apart from ensuring Sharia law is executed when applicable, a judge will rule based on what’s in the children’s best interests. To show a judge that you’re deserving of physical placement and child custody in UAE, here are the top things to avoid:

  • Avoid getting into any physical confrontation

This is most especially with the children and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. If most fights you have with the family are bad and verbal, do your absolute best in minimizing them. Physical altercations will not just lead to you losing placement of the children and child custody in UAE, they can also lead to criminal charges for child abuse or physical abuse. This will likely result to an injunction. Sharing custody and co-parenting with your partner will not be possible if you have a restraining order issued by a judge.

  • Avoid criticizing your spouse

When you discuss your case with your divorce attorney in Dubai, UAE, as well as with your family and friends, anything that you say has the possibility of reaching then court room. even when the other person did not mean intentionally to repeat what you’ve said, there is always a chance for something to slip out. It is also possible that the people you’ve talked to e.g. family members, relatives, and friends, are called upon in order to provide a testimony or deposition while under oath. It is a better idea to hide negative thoughts to yourself while in a child custody battle. You should also never post criticisms online. Assume always that anything you say, do or post online in your social media accounts will be public knowledge. It can most certainly be used against your case.

  • Never damage your spouse’s property

Just like with fighting or arguing, what you want is to avoid damaging any property which belongs to your spouse as you’ve lost your temper. This includes his or her home, car, or anything else. In addition, don’t cause any damage to joint property even when you’ve already paid full for it. Anything that you have purchased while you were married will be considered as co-owned by your ex-spouse or soon-to-be ex-partner. This means you should not damage, sell or destroy anything until legal proceedings have ended.

  • Avoid taking the kids away out of their routine

Divorce is most definitely the hardest on the children. They are used to sticking to a routine, then they had to upend everything so suddenly. Do your very best in keeping their routine to normal even when you don’t feel like it. Do your very best in keeping them up to speed with their school activities and anything that they enjoy like extra-curriculars and sports. There is a possibility for this to not be possible; however, it is important that you try. It is also important that you don’t schedule anything while the kids are with their other parent if he or she did not give consent. As you keep things as normal as possible, also remember to make sure that there is no issue created unnecessarily or do things which can negatively affect your ability in effectively co-parenting.

  • Avoid exposing the kids to a new partner

After you’ve filed for a divorce in UAE with the help of a reputable divorce attorney in Dubai, you may think you should start dating again. Your marriage may also have ended as you or your ex-spouse have found someone new. During your divorce’s pendency, and even when the divorce has been finalized, try to keep the kids away from the person you are dating. It’s going to be very confusing to the kids. It can also be a cause for unnecessary drama, most especially when your ex or your kids don’t like your new partner. Also, remember that infidelity in UAE is a serious offence and can greatly impact your chances of securing custody of your kids.

Always remember to keep in the good graces of the court. It is very easy for someone to lose even when he or she did nothing wrong. To improve your chances of winning child custody, have a seasoned divorce and child custody attorney in Dubai help. Call expert lawyers today like HHS Lawyers to know more!

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