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Which shutters resist the best wind and storm?

Storms are more and more frequent throughout the year and they affect all regions of France. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of bad weather, it is preferable to adapt your choices during a renovation.  Some shutter models are more resistant to high winds than others. To avoid finding its shutters torn or damaged, some accessories can also consolidate the openings. Explanations in this practice sheet.

What materials are the best to withstand storms?

Aluminum and wood offer better qualities of resistance, as well as PVC depending on their thickness. To choose the most resistant shutters, there is an index to refer to as the IRP, the pressure resistance index.

PPI is measured on a scale of 10 to 150, with 150 being the highest resistance rating. For a private house or apartment, aluminum or wooden shutters or secure PVC roller shutters are strong enough and do not require an index as high as 150.

Choosing the most resistant materials also means taking into account the usual weather in the region: PVC Shutters Blinds, for example, has better resistance to bad weather. Aluminum, although stronger, is not recommended for cold regions because it does not insulate the house as well as PVC or wood.

What you must remember :

Choose materials adapted to the local weather to favor resistance and insulation;

check the IRP of the shutter models selected for their home;

consider possible reinforcement on some shutters, for example, thicker slats on PVC Shutters Melbourne.

How to choose between a roller shutter or a swing shutter?

Less wind resistance for rolling shutters

Excellent asset for the thermal and acoustic insulation of the house, the roller shutter also has the advantage of better resisting the wind! It does not offer wind resistance. Closed, the slides provide excellent support for the slats. Open, the blades are protected in the box.

Some models, such as the Renov’art roller shutter models, incorporate devices that provide both better security and very good resistance to the elements:

  • Automatic Blockers;
  • Anti-Tear Systems.

Roller shutters and shutters: the safety of motorization

The electric roller shutter offers additional insurance in the event of a storm: more efficient locking systems, and the comfort of remote controls.

For motorized shutters, it is also these mechanical devices that provide better wind resistance. While promoting well-being: from inside the house, you can control the opening and closing without exposing yourself and in good conditions.

For any motorization of a rolling or swinging shutter, the device can be automatically neutralized in the event of frost. This prevents overheating.

What accessories strengthen its shutters?

In the event that the shutters offer too much wind resistance and cannot be changed immediately, there are a few accessories to install in order to reinforce them. . Advantage: these same accessories also offer better security in the event of an intrusion attempt. Add security bars inside the shutters (swing or folding shutters, shutters, etc.), providing two bars if the shutter exceeds 1.5 m in height, Adapt an espagnolette, which ensures better closure of the shutter,

Install a safety rail or closing hooks,

Reinforce the lock, for example with a multipoint lock: this will be useful to prevent the shutters from opening on a gust of wind, especially in the event of prolonged absence from the house!

Note: anti-lifting force arms, for example, is more recommended in the case of securing the house. Nevertheless, they can contribute to a better resistance of the shutter against the wind.

Home automation, accessories adapted shutters to protect against burglaries

The house must also be protected against intrusions and burglaries. On a daily basis, a few simple reflexes can be adopted to reduce the risk of burglary. Choosing suitable shutters also makes it possible to secure your home. What are the most effective models? Accessories, home automation what are the other solutions to reinforce security?

What are the strongest shutters

to prevent burglaries?

There are several types of the pane. Each has its benefits for the home. Nevertheless, some are more effective in guaranteeing the best security against intrusions. Good to know: there are also systems and accessories to reinforce your shutters.

The criterion which makes it possible to compare the solidity of the shutters at the time of purchase is the PIR, the index of resistance to pressure. PPI measures safety, insulation, and sturdiness based on materials and design. The higher it is, the better the security.

An IRP 10 index, for example, characterizes a resistance of 10 kilos. An index of 150, on the other hand, could be applied to more robust shutters whose slats are more resistant to picking attempts.

What security according to the shutter model?

Full swing shutter

Most often made of wood or PVC Shutters, it is a shutter that offers good security. Locks are difficult to pick. For better security, choose a model with brackets: they form a Z with the bars inside the shutter and contribute to its solidity. Also, add a safety lock that connects the two leaves.

Louvered shutter

It is a model that presents less security, in particular, because the blinds can be forced more easily. They are less rigid than solid models, however, safety bars can be added. Also consider the solutions offered by home automation, including sensors detecting an opening. 

Folding shutter

Like the louvered shutter, the folding shutter is not recommended for the ground floor, because it is easier to crochet than other models. But thicker metal or the addition of a lock can contribute to greater security. Adding sensors is also a great option.

Roller shutter

This is the component that offers the best security guarantees. Automatic or manual, it is equipped in most cases with anti-tearing and anti-picking systems, or blockers that prevent the curtain from lifting. Good to know: this type of shutter can also be equipped with a sensor that detects a forced opening.

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