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After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people had no option but to stay home and abide by the government regulations. The hours turned to days, weeks, and months. And the more that people stayed home, the more aware they became of their surroundings. Those who had plants and gardens adapted to being indoors better than those in whitewashed homes. And as soon as people had the chance to renovate their homes, they leaned on adding more greenery into their homes, rebirthing the botanical theme. We look at why botanicals have become such a popular theme and how you can implement this in your home:

What is a Botanical Theme?

Over the years, we have seen many themes come and go. So, what is this botanical theme, and what does it entail? The concept leans on being at peace with nature – being one with nature. It is all about inviting the outdoors into your home by curating pieces like botanical temporary wall coverings and other accessories. The result should comprise deep greens that inspire a lush leafy vibe in the home, much like being in the forest. Botanicals do not have to exist on their own. To make them even more effective and aesthetically appealing, it’s always good to blend them with related concepts. For example, you can use a dark botanical peel and stick wallpaper coupled with floral wallpaper. The dark leafy vibes of the botanical paper can interact with the playful floral vibes, creating a balance. And in doing so, you will have achieved the goal of a botanical theme – to be at peace with nature.

What Are the Benefits of Botanical Themes?

Before implementing any theme, homeowners often question the importance of doing so. And if you would like some motivation on why botanicals are the right choice for you, here goes:

  • Better Air Quality: Botanical themes are not just about finding nice wallpapers with matching accessories. They also involve placing plants around the home to inspire that lush leafiness. And as we all know, plants are natural air purifiers. In so doing, the air feels much fresher, and people in the home feel much lighter and refreshed. It is a literal breath of fresh air.
  • Improved Mental Health: Even when you cannot use natural plants in the home, botanical themes are known to alleviate stress. Take the COVID-19 pandemic era, for example. People who remained cooped up in their homes for days often felt stressed. But those who had botanical or other natural themes in their homes felt more grounded. And the reason behind it all? Natural themes improve people’s moods by inspiring calm. It makes it much easier to take things in their stride, sleep better, and keep up with daily activities. So, if you have been feeling a bit anxious or overwhelmed, using botanicals is one way to deal with the issue. Of course, you need to get to the root cause of the problem. But it’s always good to foster an environment that helps you feel at peace.
  • Better Spirits: Do you need a hit of good moods? You might want to consider adding more botanicals to your home. After all, science proves that green is a natural energy booster. So, surrounding yourself with more greenery will make you feel ready to face whatever the day throws your way. You can add some green hues in your bathroom, kitchen, porch, and any area, which can do with a bit more energy. That way, each time you are in the room or catch a glimpse of it, you will feel re-energized.
  • Aesthetic Value: While better spirits and calmness are great, we all want our homes to look great, don’t we? And botanicals are an easy way to achieve a positive aesthetic effect. They work in any room and are sure to create enough visual interest to make a room even more captivating. Short of ideas on how you can use this greenery? How about creating an accent wall? That is sure to be the focal point in the room and can help tie the other aspects of the room together. Alternatively, you can use botanicals in separate room sections, creating a cohesive vibe. Did we mention that green is the color for 2022? In kitchens and bathrooms in magazines this year, you will notice that more people have embraced this natural hue in lieu of other options. So, you can borrow some ideas from the trending designs on the market.

Botanicals are a sure way to inspire positive vibes in your home. And if you need some ideas on how you can incorporate them in your home, we have several interesting ones:

How Can You Inspire a Botanical Theme?

Are you ready to uplift your mood by embracing the botanical theme? Here’s how you can do it without breaking the bank in search of peace and aesthetic value:

  1. Wallpaper: The easiest way to add botanicals to your home is by installing wallpaper. After all, unlike plants, you don’t need to water it or place it near the sun for it to flourish. And if you want to make your job even easier, go with temp wallpaper which you can peel and stick on your walls. It lasts over a decade, comes in many designs, protects your walls, comes off easily, and is quite versatile.
  2. Rugs: How about adding some texture and design to your space using botanical-themed rugs? They take up quite some room and can even serve as focal points for your home. 
  3. Pillows: Consider using pillows if you want a subtle yet effective way to add botanicals to your home. These accessories work wonders by inspiring comfort without overwhelming your space. They are great ideas if your home feels a bit bland and needs a small change to liven things up instantly.
  4. Art: Have you considered investing in botanical-themed art? It mixes things up by creating an undeniable focal point around which you can curate other pieces to complement the theme.

Of course, these are but a few fantastic ways you can add some botanical flair to your space. Have fun!

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