Why Hyderabad is the best city to reside in?

Certainly, the property prices in metropolitan cities are sky-rocketing. Consequently, people are facing difficulties in finding the best place of accommodation at reasonable prices in such cities. However, Hyderabad is the metropolitan that offers the best rental properties at affordable rates. The reason is that the city is still at its developing stage and the government is launching several schemes to attract a huge amount of talent from all across the country.

Compared to many big cities of the country, Hyderabad is known for showing consistent growth and sustainability. The prospects of growth in the city are quite promising since big business corporations are investing huge amounts in the city.

The following are some of the reasons that explain why Hyderabad is the best city to reside in?

Cost of living in Hyderabad city-

The foremost reason that explains the beauty of the city is its affordability in terms of cost of living. Unlike other metropolitan cities of the country, the cost of living in Hyderabad is way too affordable. The city has excelled in the field of IT, however, it does not affect the rates of the property in the city. Additionally, the cost of the amenities is also considered to be economical as compared to other National capital regions of the country. 

Henceforth, if you are planning to move and looking for 1 bhk in Hyderabad for rent, then the city has plenty of good accommodation options to offer to the renters at affordable rates.

Job opportunities in the city-

Hyderabad city is known to be an entrepreneur favorite. It is becoming a major hub for the new start-ups of the country. The reason is that the land prices in the city are comparatively low than in other neighboring cities such as Chennai and Bangalore. Since the number of start-ups is growing rapidly in Hyderabad, employment opportunities are also increasingly generating.

Every year, thousands of individuals from other parts of the country move to Hyderabad. Henceforth, the demand for independent flats and apartments also increases. Additionally, if the investors want to have better capital gains in the future, then they must invest in the city.

Public transportation system-

Hyderabad has grown tremendously in terms ofPublic transportation system and connectivity. The road connectivity is excellent and it connects almost all the major parts of the city. The city is also surrounded by well-developed national highways. These highways make it easy for travelers to travel inter cities. The public transportation system is well equipped. The working professional and students can take help of buses and taxis for their daily commute. Auto-rickshaw facilities are also provided in the city to ensure a better transportation system. 

Therefore, if you are moving to the city anytime soon and are worried about your daily commute to the workplace and college, then you can relax as the city will not disappoint you in this matter.  

Water facility in Hyderabad

Another major benefit of staying in Hyderabad city is the provision of a clean water facility. The city gets the water supply from the rivers flowing nearby and its citizens do not have to completely rely on underground water. The running water is continuous and it serves 86 lakh individuals of the city.

Henceforth, unlike many other cities, Hyderabad ensures to provide enough water facilities to its citizens. So the migrants will not have any trouble with this matter.


Apart from being a hub for startups, this city is also known for its places of entertainment and relaxation. Some several clubs and pubs host the best parties for their guests. Those who are beer lovers can also visit microbreweries. If you are a food lover and want to try different cuisines, then the city will not disappoint you as many good restaurants offer the best food.

If you are an art lover and want to explore the rich culture of Hyderabad, then you can also visit galleries. Therefore, this city has everything to offer people of varying needs. After spending a tiring week at home, people can relax and enjoy with their friends and family at these places of the city.

Consistent growth-

Hyderabad city has always proved itself in terms of growth and development. The city has a well-planned infrastructure. The upcoming metro projects of the city would improve the infrastructure and help the local citizens in their daily commute. Unlike many cities, its nature of growth is consistent and promises to improve in the future.

These are the few factors that make Hyderabad city the best one to reside in. If you are planning to shift to the city very soon and looking for a 1 bhk flat on rent in Hyderabad, then you must start searching for the best accommodation option. The city is brimming with plenty of options that suit people of all sizes of budgets.

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