Why installing LED high bay lights is essential in Industries? 

Industrial spaces have higher electricity demand than any other area. These units consume more power than usual spaces. The biggest factor which comes into play when it comes to setting up an industrial space is the sustenance of energy resources.It is important to identify ways in which sustainable and affordable methods can help set up a working infrastructure for industries.

Lighting is one of the main components of setting up any infrastructure. It helps with visibility and is a requirement for large spaces as they require a lighting setup innately. In industries there is no natural source of light and hence a powerful lighting setup is essential to run the place. The usual fixtures for industries are high bay lights and they are large fixtures which suspend from the ceiling or affix on the ceiling surface. Their output is high enough to illuminate open spaces. For sustenance it is important to have high bay lights which can last longer and barely cause any inconvenience such as LED high bay lights. 

What are LED high bay lights?

LED high bay lights are basic lights for large spaces except instead of traditional lamps they make use of LEDs. This can be both integrated LED or LED bulbs as there are two different types of high bay fixtures. The two basic designs are linear and round high bays. 

LED high bay lights are far more convenient than usual high bays as the lamp is efficient and the design of the fixture offers sustenance and durability. It carries aluminum housing which gives support to the fixture and is also highly resistant to external elements like water, dust, chemicals, temperature changes etc. 

The frame or the housing also carries mounting brackets which allow easy installation of the fixture in any place and at any elevation level. The housing while providing support also conjoins the lens, which has a very effective way of dispersing light in the surroundings. 

In round high bay lights there are external reflectors which are swappable and replaceable to enhance the spread of light at all levels. A round high bay light is smaller and more compact but as essential as linear high bay light. To learn more about the best high bay light for your application browse this link.

Advantages of installing LED high bay lights in industries

Industries are large open spaces which barely have any natural source of light. They have ceiling heights extending above 45 feet nearing 60 feet at times. In such spaces it is essential to use high powered light fixtures as they can produce the kind of light which can illuminate the floor as well as dim corners of the space very easily. They are quite important and for the following reasons: 

  • Have high lumen output 

LED lamps produce higher lumens i.e a measure of brightness. These lamps tend to produce more brightness at a given power supply which means that they are brighter than average lamps and save a lot of energy as well. It is recorded how most traditional lamps produce 80% heat and only 10% light while LED lamps produce 90% light and efficiently dissipate 10% heat. This is a major difference and amounts to smart energy consumption in industrial spaces where light is the primary source for each task and is a requirement round the clock to carry out various tasks without causing any disruptions. 

  • Provide directional lighting 

LED light fixtures are also quite important when it comes to producing light which is not just bright but also smart as these fixtures are large and yet provide light in the desirable direction. The lens of most of the high bay lights have adjustable beam lengths and angles so the light almost instantaneously hits the point of illumination and is not wasted in the surroundings. Due to various processes uniform bright light is the main requirement at all elevation levels and LED light fixtures are able to provide it. 

  • Allow to adjust ambiance 

LED lamps are quite adjusting and allow convenient customisation for all places. In industries due to no natural light source bright daylight like light is the main requirement and to achieve that LED lamps are available in adjustable or switchable CCT ratings. The correlated colour temperature for industries is around 4000K – 5500K as this spectrum creates bright white or daylight like light. This is measurable on a kelvin scale producing warm yellow to cool white light. This colour temperature produces white light and enhances productivity and efficiency of the environment. 

  • Reduce costs of maintenance 

LED lamps have a longer service life than most lamps. Most LED high bays have a long life span of around 15 years which is highly feasible and also very cost effective. It barely malfunctions during its service life hence the cost of maintenance and requirement also cut down to half of what traditional lamps cost. A systemic maintenance per year is mostly enough unless there is some emergency situation. 

  • Are environment friendly 

LED lights fixtures are also quite environment friendly as the light is glare free and reduces complaints of headaches and migraines in humans when exposed to it for several hours daily. These lamps do not contain any harmful chemicals as fluorescent tubes carry mercury and do not interact with UV or IR radiation. The light works on green lighting technology which only produces healthy light and also helps reduce carbon footprint. The light fixtures do not produce any buzzing sounds or flicker during startup and have a zero start up time. LED lamps keep the fixture and surroundings cool and functional due to the presence of a heatsink. These lights also allow remote control options which makes them more convenient for industrial spaces, storage areas. 

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