What a good exercise bike should have

Once we have decided to buy a product, it is very easy to get carried away and go out and buy the first one that comes our way. In the case of exercise bikes, sometimes we are so desperate to lose weight quickly that we are tempted to grab one as quickly as possible, skipping models that are better value for money or simply have more complete features.

That is why it is essential that you know about all the parts that make up an exercise bike. From the control module to the pedals, each component will have an effect on the final feel, quality, and complexity of the routines you can do.

Control module

This part is sometimes overlooked by many users, but the truth is that when making your selection it is important that you take a good look at this aspect, since the control module is one of those parts that directly influences how varied, entertaining, and complex your exercise routines may be.

On less expensive best exercise bikes, it is normal that you only have an LCD screen to see the distance traveled, calories burned and current setting, as well as some buttons, to modify the resistance and levels of the machine, but without much else to be able to adjust. For not-so-specialized users, who do not need very complete or exact statistics, this type of bike will do the job perfectly.

However, for those looking for something a little more complete, such as lovers of fitness life, amateur or competitive athletes, it is important to have a little more control over the device and level of variation of the exercises. In this sense, high-end models usually have larger digital screens with touch buttons that allow greater variations in the resistance and complexity of the exercises.

Many also include training programs with pre-recorded routines and also record a large number of statistics so that you never lose sight of your progress and make the necessary adjustments in time. In fact, they are also capable of measuring your heart rate or even have more complex magnetic resistance.

The saddle

It is basically like a standard saddle of those that usually come on traditional bicycles. Normally, they have a knob to make height and angle adjustments. Other than that, it works just like any other traditional saddle.

It should be noted that, especially in the more affordable models, some saddles can be a bit uncomfortable. In these cases, it is important that you see if you can replace the saddle with a more comfortable one or simply buy gel pads to put on top and make the experience even more comfortable.


Like the saddle, it’s another part that doesn’t vary too much compared to traditional bikes. They are simply the pedals with which you make the gears and the wheels of the exercise bike move.

What is worth knowing is that these pedals usually come with a fastening strap, which allows you to keep your foot well adjusted to the pedal at all times, preventing your foot from slipping out and losing control of the machine. Normally they come with a velcro strap, for an easy and quick adjustment.

The wheel

This is where you obviously notice the biggest difference compared to traditional bikes. On stationary bikes, you have a flywheel that is normally housed inside the body of the bike and has no contact with the ground. It is simply a wheel that you rotate through the pedals and gears and that has resistance. That resistance is what we were talking about before, which helps the exercise to resemble that performed with a traditional bicycle, generating a constant effort. This resistance can be adjusted on most bicycles through its module or control panel, to achieve softer or more intense exercises.

The handlebar

On straight bikes, recumbent bikes, or spinning bikes, the handlebars are fixed, so they don’t move back and forth as they do on elliptical bikes. Its function is to provide the necessary support and balance to do the exercise.

Now, since you will normally use them for a long time, it is important that they come with good padding to prevent your hands from suffering from pressing for so long. It should be noted that some models include heart rate monitors on the handlebars, it’s just a matter of holding them firmly and the device will show your heart rate during the exercise to keep precise control of the routine.

The bike body

In the case of stationary bikes, best magnetic spin bikes and the body of the bike and most of the moving parts should be totally enclosed, unlike traditional bikes where the components are always in sight. The issue is that static ones are always used at home, so it is possible that a curious child or pet could try to touch the body of the bike when you are using it, being able to embed their fingers in the gears and cause serious accidents. With a closed body, you avoid these dangers.

On the other hand, most brands use highly durable plastic materials, while others use metals. In terms of quality and durability, clearly, the models with a metal body will give you more guarantees and will surely withstand more years of use, only they will always result in heavier bikes.


Stabilizers are the bases or legs of a stationary bike that help keep it always in position and prevent you from going sideways and falling. On most models, they are two horizontal bars located at the front and rear of the bike and provide all the necessary support.

At this point, it is also important that you read the description of the product well and make sure you choose one that can withstand your weight, usually indicated as the maximum weight. Remember, if you choose one with a lower capacity, you could end up damaging the device and, worse, hurting yourself.

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