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With a simple search for the good immigration company, you will find several that are ready to help you realize your dream of getting EU citizenship. But search engines are not always the most reliable source for finding a reputable company. You should consider customer reviews to truly understand the scope of a company. Consider reviews, for instance.

LegalEUcounsel has been helping clients from all continents over the past 5 years move to different countries. These include Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Caymans Islands, Grenada, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, and Great Britain. From the planning phase all the way to moving, the company facilitate you through it all, making the entire process a lot simpler.

In this article, we will go over how lawyers assist you through the entire process of getting EU citizenship.

Brief company’s overview

Registering with will get you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your immigration requirements are covered. Your personal lawyer assists you go through your application process in detail, finding any issues therein before submitting it. The goal is to help you overcome the high barrier and help you start a new life in a new country smoothly.

The initial consultation is free and does not require any upfront fees (reviews of the clients prove that fact). To start cooperating with professionals, simply send an email or call the phone numbers listed on the official website.

Ultimately, helps you get an EU citizenship for you and your family. The company recognizes the challenges you are facing and provides helpful recommendations about your immigration.

Features Of Amongst Other Companiesh

Reviews about are mostly positive because of the lawyers’ extensive experience in international immigration field. One reason is that they provide you with a high level of professionalism and do not require from you to handle the bureaucratic issues. Even if you are not sure whether you are eligible for immigration by repatriation, the lawyers welcome you for advice at all times.

Reviews from the customers of are proof that our immigration attorneys stick closely with you throughout the process. They will not just help you fill out an application. Unlike other companies, the attorneys will also help you submit your application, track it down, and even advise you on what to do after your case will be verified.

Simple EU Citizenship Registration Procedure With

There are seven basic steps you need to follow for obtaining EU citizenship with lawyers. According to customer reviews, this process is quite straightforward and easy to follow.

    1. You need to decide which country’s passport you want to apply for. This step is not necessary, as our immigration attorneys can also help you choose the best path for you. offers a free consultation with no need for your credit card information, which means that this is just you discussing options.
    2. After you sign the agreement, you begin to plan your actions for becoming a EU citizen with the immigration lawyer(s).  
    3. also helps you identify any specific requirements that you can fulfill to improve your chances of immigration. 
    4. We then begin gathering all the necessary documents. 
    5. assists with the entire application, filling and filing it on your behalf.  After that, all you have to do is wait. We will keep you informed throughout the process.
    6. Taking the Oath of Allegiance is the clients’ duties.
    7. Registering EU passport. Reviews

Whether you are looking for work in the EU, study, or make the most out of a new business opportunity, there are a number of different nuances that can let you enter a new country with or without citizenship. assists immigrants during passport obtaining procedure, that means, the helps people obtaining all European rights before relocation.

Customer reviews for also suggest that the immigration lawyers with the company help deal with almost every nuance and circumstance out there. Whether you are a tourist, refugee, student, worker, or simply moving closer to your loved ones, immigration lawyers can definitely help you.


Whenever you need help with anything pertaining to the immigration process, no matter how simple or complex it is, you need to be sure that your attorney will understand the situation and offer a viable solution. According to reviews about, the lawyers are known for their focus on the same and for making sure you are satisfied. 

If you would like to learn more about our services or are ready for your free consultation, give us a call today, and let’s get started.

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